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We recently had our pool resurfaced, so it looks GREAT, but now the concrete pool deck looks grungy. I am in the process of replacing the 30 year old channel drain, and when I'm through with that, I need to refinish the pool deck itself. Any thoughts or suggestions? The pool is caged, and the deck is not huge by any stretch, but I want to do this once and be done with it for awhile. Addendum: the concrete is painted now, but I don't know specifically what kind of paint it is.
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The Ben Moore store is right down the street. There's a Sherwin store nearby too, but I've had better luck with BM. We'll be back down in 2 weeks, getting some other work done (front door replacement and new irrigation controller) so I might at least ask the paint store, see what I'm getting into.
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I am not a fan of painting any horizontal surface. Be it a wooden deck on your house or a pool deck. Not a fan of painting concrete either. The above statement is related to surfaces exposed to weather. Indoor is different. I would power wash. Clean with concrete cleaner. I thought I read you can stain concrete? I never have.