Optilube Users?


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Yes. Some have alcohols as well. If I was an over-the-road trucker, I wouldn't use these. HPCR fuel systems and continuous fuel replenishment mean few fuel-related problems. My applications are quite different, which is why I asked if anyone else used this and if so, what experiences they had.
I've tried a few diesel fuel additives from different manufacturers, (2) of the popular brands did little or nothing and (1) which you've probably never heard of I now use religiously because it has a dramatic effects on combustion efficiency and oil cleanliness
I used Optilube XPD for a few years and like its results but would be interested in the name of the additive your using.
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If you use oil that is API certified and it meets the OEM application recommendations then you just don't need this stuff. Several OEM's specifically recommend against these types of additive products. It has always puzzled me to think as to why people use these sorts of products. Especially when there is clearly no direct causation or correlation to improved performance and clear examples of this type of stuff damaging engines. To be clear, I'm not singling out OptiLube. I'm speaking to any additive engine treatment that is not recommended by the OEM. Duralube, ZMax, Slick 50, OptiLube........ We could go on and on.......
How did you jump from a diesel fuel additive to talking about engine oil additives (that's a separate forum)?
I am using Optilube XL and will switch to the winter one when this gallon is gone, I use it in conjunction with a cetane booster additive like stanadyne or currently Peak Blue diesel boost that I got a bunch of at TSC on clearance.

I'm not sure how much of a difference I notice because I have been using them a long time and can't remember running without them its become habit but both my old diesels seems to run really well and I haven't had any fuel or fuel system related issues.

I am using it in a 86 F350 with 6.9 idi and 90 W250 with 5.9 12v cummins so both old school diesels.