Noisy windshield wiper blades

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If they're over a year old just replace them.
I have purchased MANY "$1 clearance" wiper blades from RockAuto, and never had a bad one. I've never checked the manufacturing date.
Wipers are like $5 each. I paid $3.88 per blade last week. I replace every 6 months here in FL. I have wiped a little silicon spray on them to keep them clean and supple. Don't overdo it. Pain to get off of glass.
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I don't use anything such as RainX as last time I did the wipers skipped. I now use glass cleaner on a cloth then wipe dry with paper towels. Wipers are original on my Caravan with a build date of Dec 17 so 2 years and quiet. I also wiped wipers when I get a noise which seems to be after long periods of time in the sun.
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This sounds great and I'd like to know myself however, I would be a bit reluctant only because I don't know any better! Questions: Doesn't the 303(even after it's dried) leave a film on the glass as the wipers pass? Is there a specific process/technique for doing this? Meaning; Wipe it on, let is dry? Wipe in on, wipe it dry? Wipe it on, leave it cure for a day? What? Thanks, CB
Here's what I do...Flip the wipers up away from the windshield. Clean the wipers with Armor All cleaning wipes..... if n/a use a wet piece of toliet paper. Then spray down a clean piece of rag or TP with 303 and wipe it on. Also clean the windshield especially the area where the wipers sit. No need to wipe off because it doesn't leave a film. The only time it left a film is when I soaked my squeaky drivers side window seals with it but it cured the problem.