New Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

Colorado Springs
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Sometimes local dealer ruins experience of very good product. Oh well. Maybe Michelin releases killer Xi4 next year ;-) KrzyÅ›
One thing about winter tires in Colorado is that CO weather is really hard on them. We do not have New England or Midwest winters where depressing clouds roll in in November and they do not leave until April-May. Here today we will have snow, tomorrow will be 3 degrees, than sun will come out hard, melt snow, turn that into ice. In two days temperature will spike in 50-60's with a lot of sunshine and all shortcomings of winter tires are going to come out. It will be like that 5-6 days, then another storm will roll in, dump snow, than turn that into ice, than again 60's etc. In the spring, temperatures will go to 60's even 70's, but we might get huge storm, especially if we are in El Nino cycle. Then if you ski, you can drive from 60's to 0 degrees and full blown blizzard within 2hrs of drive, then you ski, drive back into 60's. Bottom line, best is to have well rounded tire that does everything good. That is why I prefer Xi2 on my Sienna compared to Nokian's R2.
New England is sometimes "blessed" with spring in January. Just to have winter return in February and March. Tires need to be well rounded here too. KrzyÅ›


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Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 (Studless Ice & Snow, 225/50R17 94H) What We Liked: Test-leading wet traction and acceleration traction on the ice. What We'd Improve: It's not as refined on the road as some of the competitors. Conclusion: A worthy successor to the Blizzak name. Continental VikingContact 7 (Studless Ice & Snow, 225/50R17 98T) What We Liked: Very strong ice traction and objective wet performance. What We'd Improve: The on-road handling was polarizing, feels a little unsettled in the wet. Conclusion: It's competitive with the best on the market. Michelin X-ice Xi3 (Studless Ice & Snow, 225/50R17 98H) What We Liked: It feels great on the road and in the wet. What We'd Improve: The competition has passed it by on the ice. Conclusion: Still a great tire.