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This is a two part post. The first question that I have is about storage. Another recent post on here got me wondering if the maintenance that I'm doing on my Explorer is adequate for storage. So the Explorer is used as a road trip vehicle and is used about one week every 1 - 3 months. But when it is driven, I typically put on about 2k - 3k in that time. In the past year, I've racked up about 20k miles on it. My main concern is that it sits for such a long time in between with no use. I've already developed flat spots on the tires. I try to start it every week or two so the battery doesn't die. I have had a few messages in the past from the Ford Pass app letting me know that the truck was going into deep sleep mode. What kind of preparations should I do to keep it for storage? The other question that I have is if anyone has changed the PTU fluid on these vehicles with the 3.5L Ecoboost and the temperature sensor attached to the fill hole? It's really tight in there and to remove the temperature sensor involves removing the cat.
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Instead of just starting it to keep the battery charged you're better off keeping a battery maintainer on the battery all the time.
Agree 100%. I use my LS430 in the exact same way as you do your Explorer. Long trips once month or so. I don't know how to explain it but I have lived through many car problems in my life that were traced back to a weak battery. Idling will not charge your battery. You will need some 30 minute drives to get any significant charging done. When you start seeing all these weird codes and your Explorer starts acting funny, you will become a believer in using a battery maintainer. I use a CTEK. I got a couple of pics for your entertainment. Notice how I have connected the battery. All I gotta do is plug and play. See the connector? This is one of best investments. [Linked Image] [Linked Image]
disconnect the battery cables. parasitic drains are what is running down the voltage, just unhook it and it will stay charged.