Magnatec - intelligent molecules?

The Barbary Coast, CA
The 6 pack of 1 quart bottles on Amazon say full synthetic. Bottle also recommends using 0w-20 on 5w-20 GM vehicles. Why not 0w-20 in 5W-20 for all vehicles? The price is right for a delivery every 6 months. I like the convenience of delivery. In addition, since I live in The City, there are no "big box" stores. I have to drive 30 - 45 miles, sometimes cross a bridge with toll, and lose several hours in traffic, just to shop at a Wally World, IKEA, and even Home Depot. Part of how The City protects it's small businesses is to selectively ban large chains. We don't even have to "corporate dining" chains. Everyone eats at a local restaurant, shops mom & pop stores, and pays the higher mark-up to keep those people in business and employ local residents. We eat real Chinese Food, not Panda Express. We eat real Mexican Food, not Chevy's. We eat real Italian Food, not pasta from the Sizzler salad bar. House of Prime Rib is way better than Lyon's. Once I factor in what it cost in time, fuel, and bridge toll charges when I leave The City, then I might as well stay home and order everything online, buy it local if I really need it right away.. Once you figure out what UPS charges for delivery of that much weight, and Haz-Mat, you're practically getting it for free. Amazon