Kirkland Signature Synthetic Oil

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My two local Costco warehouses, for example, only have Chevron Supreme in stock right now.
Same as in Fort Worth, but also have Mobil 1 (6-packs) as well.
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If I needed 10 quarts of oil for one oil change, this would be a done deal
Something to think about as my wife's 2018 Mustang GT takes 10 quarts and I change it by the oil change monitor so it doesn't really go over 5K miles. She drives it fairly easy so it for sure doesn't get extreme service.
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The member base at Costco is near the top of the evolutionary ladder. Worth the membership fee!
++ I feel like walking into a real life version of the People of Wal-Mart everytime I go into a WM. Though, the one about 10 miles from the parent's place isn't terrible. It's mostly retirees and pensioners that staff the people-facing parts of the store.
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I love Wally World shopping, even though it is a rare experience. Salt of the earth people. Sometimes the person in front of me is short which is a wonderful opportunity to help a little. A real blessing. Makes my day. Gives me a wonderfeeling smile all day. I am at Costco a lot, almost once a week. Shoppers crash into me. LOL...

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For some unknown reason, none of the Costcos in the SF Bay Area carry the product or have any on order.
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Google "People of Walmart". Now do "People of Costco". :P Plus, who can resist a 1/4-pound all beef hot dog with drink for $1.50? In all seriousness, the WM near me isn't terrible, but I live in a nice area. I've never run into someone playing the harmonica (badly) in a checkout line at a Costco. I can't say that about Walmart. Eh, shop wherever makes you happy. I do want to try the Kirkland oil though.
It really does depend on location. The Costco near me has a large homeless camp adjacent to the parking lot. A lot of car break-in's and generally all the problems one would expect happen there. The Walmart is a half mile away and similar stuff happens. This place turns into a scene right out of the Omega Man after dark.
I love Costco...wish we had one close by. The meat and coffee alone are enough for me to lay out for the membership! I like Walmart too...I've had fantastic luck with their great value brand. Best peanut butter I've ever had, veggies, canned goods all superior to the National brands imho. I even like their Ole Roy dog and my dog loves it! I think Walmart refuses to put their reputation on the line for inferior products In their house brands...they have a lot to loose. The ONLY thing I've ever been really disappointed in at Walmart is's horrible. Pork and chicken is first class...but the beef is not fit for human consumption imho The produce isn't great but it is t great at any of our grocery stores so who knows...we grow and can most of our own anyways.
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What do you mean by "more robust"?
I would probably use M1 EP 0W-20 for the Honda 1.5T applications since it is almost all PAO.
PAO is a terrible base oil when combined with gasoline. I would look for something with more diester such as Castrol Magatec.
How so?