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Got an old Belarus 250AS. Been a good cheap Model A workhorse. It simple and got the job done. Hydralic Oil. Its time to change it again. The Ruskys Operation Manual calls for 30wt Motor Oil. They built this Tractor to work on Collective Farms so it as simple as possible Fuses are a length of diffrent size wires. That simole. The hydralics are a pump, Valves and a single Cylinder double action cylinder with a Screen Filter. I am thinking the 30 wt was used so they would not need to supply Hydralic Oil/Fluid. Would Regular Tractor Hydralic Fluid Work. With this simple setup it seems it would be even better.
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Use whatever they tell you in the manual. Those Belarus are simple, easy to maintain and indestructible. Their worse side is the electrics, is yours ground positive? A lot of people didn't know this and fried the system way back then. smile
That kind of thinking is similar to the U.S. military using JP-8 to run just about every engine in Afghanistan. The Pennzoil and Shell tractor fluids I used to sell were 10W-30. I'm sure they, or another product in that grade would perform well for you.


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How difficult is it to source 30 wt oil ? Detergent or non-detergent ?
15w-40 is the new 30wt.
Main concern I would have would be compatibility with other oils.If you don't use your remotes or share equipment,the 30 wt will be fine according to the manual.If you have another tractor or share equipment with cylinders,it could be a problem.In My Op.
None personally but never always had the same oils in my tractors and this is what I have always been told.One of the reasons the industry went to a standard Universal Hydraulic Oil Spec. Good oils of this type have anti foam additives as well as some others.It also is about 20wt,I believe.
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Are we replying to this 4 month old thread because we are bored, LOL?

An SAE 30 wt. engine oil would convert to an ISO 100 hydraulic oil. I wonder if this simple system would leak down, maybe overheat on the thinner oils recommended above. Probably should use at least an ISO 68 fluid.