F150 Syn 3 map updates, finally!

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If anyone has a F150 and hasn't heard, FREE map updates are available for Sync 3. Not sure how long they will be free. You can have them send a USB drive for $40, too, or use your own drive. Go to https://syncnavigation.com/ Probably update your Sync 3 version first. Do that are Ford Owners site. If you haven't updated in the past week or so your build version is likely out of date and will need to be updated (don't rely on the automatic updates, they rarely work for anyone and are very slow to update once a new build is released).
Is this only if you have the gps navigation option? My truck has Sync 3 and the 8" touch screen but not built-in navigation that I can find, I have to rely on Android Auto through my phone which pipes the moving map through USB cord onto the 8" touch screen.