Can I Use Dexron 6 in my 2012 Honda Civic EX-L?

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I'm wanting to change my transmission fluid. I work at a Chevrolet dealer and the only fluid they said they have is the Dexron 6. Is this okay to use?
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What does your owner's manual say? Is that a CVT?
2012s only had 5 speed autos.
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I would only put DexVI in the Honda if the oil company recommends it. For example, Pennzoil Platinum LV is DexVI approved but Pennzoil also recommends it for DW1 applications. I have been using it for the past 3 or 4 years in my Odyssey and it works well...and seems to perform a little better than DW1 for towing a trailer (DW1 seemed to break down after a few towing trips whereas the shifts remained smooth with the PPLV). Otherwise DW1 worked fine for normal driving, so I would go this route unless you need a more robust fluid for specific conditions.
welcome it *might* work, but you can easily get a good ATF that meets DW1 standards, such as the popular Maxlife ATF. Another very good choice is Castrol Full Synthetic ATF smile


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I'll alert you to what I posted in another Honda thread:
If it specs DW-1 and before making a decision I would seriously look at the differences in chemistry between DW-1 and Valvoline MaxLife ATF: Quote Original Honda DW-1â„¢ (Part # beginning with 08200-): Boron - 272 Silicon - 4 Sodium - 3 Calcium - 353 Magnesium - 204 Phosphorus - 2 Zinc - 320 [email protected] - 6.93 cSt Commentary and Opinion: The chemical signature for this ATF is essentially the same as Honda's Z-1 fluid and is indicative of fluids used in Automated Manual transmissions. To the author's knowledge, no Step-Shift ATF chemical signature compares. Notable is the level of the Zinc compounds needed for the internals of Automated Manual transmissions. Owners' of Step-Shift automatic transmissions should avoid using this product in any Step-Shift automatic transmission.   Label - Valvoline MaxLifeâ„¢ (Part # beginning with 773): Boron - 272 Silicon - 2 Sodium - 8 Calcium - 230 Magnesium - 3 Phosphorus - 579 Zinc - 3 [email protected] - 5.91 cSt Commentary and Opinion: The chemical signature for this ATF is indicative of the later Dexron and Dex/Merc series of ATF's based on the original Dexron through the Dexron III(H)) and Dexron VI series of ATF's. It is closely comparative to the GM Dexron VI formulations as well as to their own Dexron VI offering, and can be classified as a low Viscosity ATF. What is notable is a boost in the Ant-Wear Phosphorus compound of about 200 ppm. The manufacturer claims coverage, or "Suitable for Use in" (no equivalency claims) for Honda/Acura's Z-1 and DW-1. I do not see how this could be the case when compared to the DW-1 analysis above.
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If you work at a chevy dealer, look up the part number for the fluid on the old Saturn Vue with the Honda Motor/Tans. That should be DW1 in a GM Bottle. Should be the 2004 Vue with 3.5L engine.
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