Cabin Air Filter Recommendation

The Toyota dealer had a special for an engine filter and cabin filter installed for 45. While another dealer had a coupon for 45 just for the cabin filter installed. Only takes a few mins to replace on most Toyotas.
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Right! *Our Toyota's/Lexus' had'em right in the glovebox. *My '04 Altima had it in the glovebox. *My daughter's current '15 Civic(in sig) has it there too. Her previous Mazda3 was behind the center console and was so difficult to replace(according to Youtube) that I never did it. *My '15 Altima is behind the center console as well but it's not too bad to get at...depending on the size of your hands.


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I would go with whatever is on sale and change/clean it regularly. Man, do I wish the one in my Versa was easier to get at. A real pain.
Yeah, mine is behind the center console. Not real difficult but, could have been easier. My daughter's previous '06 Mazda3 was a real *@(%!.
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Whatever Rockauto has on special, usually Denso or AC Delco, etc. about $4 or so. Buy a few to cover shipping.
Still the shipping to my address puts them over what I can buy locally. The cheapest RockAuto CAF is $3.20+$6.99 to ship. 2 would be $6.40+$8.99 to ship. Doesn't work for my ZipCode. I think I'll just use my AAP GC.
I usually buy a few Cabin filters and Air Filters on Rockauto. Usually pick the same brand of both filters or at least make sure they are shipping from the same warehouse so you are only paying one shipping price. If the shipping goes from 6.99 to 8.99 I see how many filters I can add before the shipping price jumps up again. A bit of a game, but that works for me.

The other option would be to buy a furnace filter and cut your own filter based on the size and tape the edges.
Speaking from the Hyundai and VW world, I have purchased both Hyundai OEM and TYC brand cabin air filters for numerous Hyundai's in the past year. See no difference between the OEM and TYC. Due to allergies of family members, I change the CAF every 12,000km or six months, whichever occurs first. For that reason and the appearance, feel, weight and construction of the OEM and TYC, I purchase the TYC brand filters due to cost and frequency of replacement. With my Volkswagens, they get whichever carbon impregnated filters are least expensive since they are diesels and it slightly cuts down on diesel smell for the missus. Dodge doesn't matter since they don't have a CAF in my vehicles. Rockauto is the way to go on cabin air filters for my needs. Especially when they are often a third of the price of local. I just buy them all at the same time to justify the shipping and conversion.