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    OE replica or refurbished wheels?

    Any good cheap source? I’ve been playing with the idea of getting other Mazda wheels for my 6 to step down a wheel size, get more sidewalk, more tire options etc. The particular wheels I want I just can’t come across on Facebook marketplace. Any suggestions where to look for good used or...
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    Toyo Proxes Sport A/S

    I guess because it's a new model, at tire these are on an additional $100 instant savings deal. Seem reasonably priced based on what else is out there for nicer all seasons with decent tread wear. <a href=""...
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    Avid BB7 Brake Pads?

    I used to swap work (automotive) for bike parts and work. Long story short, bike mechanic traded me work. He installed a new fork (steer tube too short, wouldn't stay right on my bike due to not being able to use a it made me question his ability), and avid bb7 mechanical disc...
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    Honda AT DW-1 in Maryland

    Anyone need dw1 in Maryland? I have 10 unopened quarts and 2 opened quarts at 1/2 and 3/4 full. Looks like it's about $8-9 / quart on amazon. We could make a deal better than that, let me know!
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    Warranty work

    You guys ever take a car under warranty to a dealer multiple times and continue to get no problem found...can you take it to another dealer? Will they still provide a loaner? It's a Mazda. Mazda's site states they provide Mazda loaners for service or warranty work. But my question is with a...
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    Toyota techs here? 2grfe head gasket?

    2011 sienna 2grfe 3.5 v6. I was under it to drain the antifreeze and at the rear of the engine, center of the cylinder head where it meets the block, there was a bit smaller than a golf ball size dried up crusted up glob of antifreeze. I saw no trail leading there, although I do work on it in...
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    Interview Attire for Automotive Tech

    I'm exploring my options and have pretty quickly lined up interviews for different neighboring county government auto tech positions and was wondering how to dress. I've been a tech since 2003 but my first job was basically given to me due to my success in high school automotive courses...the...
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    Dealership Service Writers / Dropping Off for Warranty Work

    So I drop my Mazda 6 off today. I've worked in automotive repair for 16+ years, dislike letting someone else work on my car , but given its new and has factory warranty I'm going to take advantage of it. I have a lot of nit picky problems with my 2017 Mazda 6. I think it takes too long to...
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    Quick struts

    I've read through as many posts as I could about quick struts. My predicament is my 2011 sienna needs strut bearings. At 130k or however many miles it has, the strut bellows boots are also destroyed. It drives fine but there's no sense in buying $90 mounts, $10 boot kits and not replacing the...
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    MIchelin guardian wiper blades

    I think this is the line of wipers Costco is carrying now. I know they have Michelin's now and almost grabbed a set but figured I'd look into them first. Then I forgot what they have in store. Online they only list these guardian hybrid blades so I assume that's what's in the stores. Are they...
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    Tire rebates?

    Is there any way to know if upcoming rebates? I need tires for my van before "winter" here and am just wondering if anyone knows when rebates are coming up...specifically Continental because I'll probably stick with them. Thanks.
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    Geico auto repair express

    This weekend someone backed into my new mazda 6. It was determined he was at fault no questions asked. My concern is that he was geico insured so obviously they want me to go to an auto repair express. The damage is slight but the bumper is sort of shoved under the hood the gaps are all off...
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    New mid-sized sedan

    I may be in the market for a new or barley used mid-sized sedan. I don’t like that the 2018s as far as Toyota and Honda are brand new engine and trans wise. I never like to be the guinea pig. Wife is really pushing for a new car just for warranty piece of mind. Where do you all research...
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    Negative effects of cheap gas?

    Pulled my intake on my 03 Honda 2.4 4 cylinder to replace my starter today. I've literally never seen an intake so sludged up. The runners were literally 1/3 of the way clogged up or worse with carbon build up. I burn a ton of oil too, but oil shouldn't be making it that far upstream. A friend...
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    CV axle and control arm recommendations

    What do you guys see good longevity out of for cv axles and front wheel drive front lower control arms? Used to think a lot of moog but we use them at the postal service and they fail within months of install, although our usage im sure is considered severely abusive due to the way our drivers...
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    Clean and/or soak piston rings. Inline honda 4cyl?

    What advice do you guys have for freeing up or cleaning piston rings? Almost 200k miles on an 2003 honda 2.4 4 cylinder. It's started burning oil recently, never noticable before. Now I need to top it off, I go through about 3/4 quart in 1k miles. Sometimes only 1/2 quart. I've been reading...