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  1. ZeeOSix

    Vehicle Gross Weight on Registration

    The Department of Licensing (DOL) here tells me they will sell me any maximum gross weight rating I want to pay for, so apparently they think it's "OK" to overload my factory stock truck as long as I've paid for the max gross wight - ? I spoke to the DOL and they make is sound like I can carry...
  2. ZeeOSix

    Old UBB Links Work

    I see that old thread links (and any saved thread links/shortcuts from the board) under the old UBB software now work with the updated software when clicked ... great job Wayne and team. (y)
  3. ZeeOSix

    Rumor - Possible Windows 11 Coming Soon

    Guess time will tell ... <a href="" title="httpswwwbgrinnewswindows11preorderpageaccidentallyleakedbymicrosoftretailer898090amp"...
  4. ZeeOSix

    Edge for Win7 and Win8.1

    Saw this Windows update show up on my Win7 machine. Seems strange to me that Microsoft would push this to Windows 7 when support has ended. <a href=""...
  5. ZeeOSix

    Fram vs Advanced Auto Parts

    Out of curiosity, I did an on-line chat with Fram just now to see what they said are the differences between the Fram TG and XG vs the AAP Force and Titanium. -------------------------------------------------------------- <span style="font-weight: bold">Me:</span> Hello, I have a few questions...
  6. ZeeOSix

    Adobe Flashplayer EOL Info

    Adobe will stop distributing and updating Flash Player after December 31, 2020 ("EOL Date"). <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>products/<wbr>flashplayer/<wbr>end-of-life.html</a> <span style="font-style...
  7. ZeeOSix

    WiFi Network Monitoring Tool

    I'm looking for a free WiFi network monitoring tool that I can leave running all the time so it will log all activity on my network - ie, what devices are jumping on and off and at what times, etc. Anyone here using something like that? Google searching shows there are many available tools...
  8. ZeeOSix

    Need Some People to Do a Ping Test

    In another thread I discussed my modem showing a self diagnostics test result of "FAIL" for the two CenturyLink DNS servers that the modem uses. If I ping them in a DOS window they seem to be very flaky and DNS #1 (primary server) usually has at least one "time out" in the 4 packets. DNS #2...
  9. ZeeOSix

    Any Free VPN Users Here?

    I want to setup a VPN for my computer. Is there anyone here that is using a free version VPN and have any recommendations? I'm sure a paid version is better, but just looking for a good free version now to see how it works out.
  10. ZeeOSix

    Unknown MAC Address on My WiFi

    I went into my modem/router user interface today to look around at my settings and to check for any firmware updates. I was also going to setup MAC address filtering, and when I enabled MAC filtering a pull down shows up that lists all the MAC addresses that the modem can currently see (both...
  11. ZeeOSix

    WiFi Hacker Devices

    Apparently there are devices people can buy so that they can search for broadcasting WiFi networks in the neighborhood and allows them to see the IP address, password, etc, and can log into someone's WiFi modem/router and change it's settings, etc. Are these devices legal, and is it illegal for...
  12. ZeeOSix

    Windows 10 Update KB4497165

    Win10 Update KB4497165 came out yesterday, and is waiting to download and install on my machine. I searched to see what KB4497165 was about. <a href=""...
  13. ZeeOSix

    F-22 Crash in Florida

    Not many details yet. Pilot ejected and survived. <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>f-22-crashes-on-eglin-range-pilot-ejects-safely/<wbr></a> <a...
  14. ZeeOSix

    Windows 10 Security Settings

    The new Dell laptop i got a couple months ago came loaded with McAfee "LiveSafe" which was a full blown anti-virus program that was a 1 year free subscription as part of the purchase. With McAfee loaded, Windows Defender took a second seat and wasn't the real time anti-virus program, but only...
  15. ZeeOSix

    Homelite Gas Trimmer - "Experiment"

    I dug out an old 2-cycle Homelite gas trimmer I had laying around. I think the last time it was used was 10~12 years ago - <img src="/forums/graemlins/eek.gif" alt="eek" title="eek" height="15" width="15" /> - experiment time. It ran when it was last used. I had some pre-mixed gas so thought...
  16. ZeeOSix

    SSD Recovery Partition

    I was looking at the SSD layout in my laptop and see that there are Recovery partitions that have 100% free space. So I'm thinking there are no recovery files in these partitions. Also, if I look at the SSD under the defragmentation tool, I only see the C drive and don't see any Recovery Drive...
  17. ZeeOSix

    SSD Life

    I downloaded and installed "Crystal Disk Info" a few days ago to monitor my SSD. The SSD showed 100% life until today when it clicked down to 99% at the measured parameters shown. Anyone know what kind of algorithm is used to determine the remaining SSD life? If a SSD was used a lot on nearly...
  18. ZeeOSix

    Win10 Double Updates

    Anyone else see a double Win10 update install for KB4549951 that took place on two separate dates? Thought this was strange. <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]"...
  19. ZeeOSix

    SSD Heath Tool

    What are you guys using for a SSD heath check tool? I'm looking for a decent free version. Here's an article that lists 10 different tools: <a href=""...
  20. ZeeOSix

    Laptop Wakes Up From Sleep Mode By Itself

    My new laptop with Windows 10 will wake itself up when it's in "Sleep Mode". Does Widows 10 do this for some reason, like checking for updates or running a virus scan even though the computer is sleeping? My Windows 7 machine never did this ... when it was asleep it stayed asleep until I woke...