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    Any thoughts on how well the no change just add oil lawn mowers will standup? ttps://
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    T6 Synthetic oil in Kubota L5030 tractor question

    About to do the 1500 hr service on the L5030 kubota and was advised not to use synthetic oil in the engine. Unless there is a credible argument against this I will go ahead and use the T6 already purchased. Anyone?
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    Oak Island

    Dan Blankenship has died ?
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    Shell car-truck oil

    Any speculation on the new oil from Shell <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>en_us/<wbr>products/<wbr>gas-truck-synthetic-engine-oil.html</a>
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    Dead Battery

    Wifes `16 Equinox battery died quite suddenly. Has 28000 miles and easy life. Anyone else?
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    Best diesel fuel for cold weather?

    off brand diesel waxed up last winter