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    Oil leak on 5.3 Sierra

    I have a friend who has a bad oil leak on his 2006 5.3 GMC Sierra with over 300,000 miles. I crawled under it to take a look and after wiping off the bottom of the engine I could see a steady drip coming off of the starter when the engine was running. The starter is mounted about halfway up...
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    Can a refrigerator compressor reverse and pump heat?

    I moved a refrigerator to my son's house yesterday. It had been stored in my garage in working condition until I moved it. During the move it fell over while in the trailer. I only had bungee cords to secure it from toppling and needless to say that didn't work. It fell forward onto the...
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    Edge 10W-30 Cured Lifter Clatter

    I recently changed the oil in a friends 5.3 GMC Sierra with high mileage (over 200,000). He has been having what sounds like a sticking or failing lifter. He has been getting his oil changed every 5,000 miles at Pep Boys with whatever 5W-30 conventional oil and jobber filter they use. This...
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    Fram Tech Mgr. post re: OCOD on another forum

    In a response to an oil filter question on another forum a poster who identified himself as the Technical Manager at Fram posted this:(I will not post the link unless I get the OK from the moderators here. I don't want to break any rules on BITOG) "Hi, I am the technical manager for Fram. I...