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    Nissan Versa Didn't know where else to put this. This is good for Nissan as this poor little girl got hit head on from a Jeep and is alive. Both the passenger and driver are in...
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    I am starting new thread as I don't want to take original posters post. I went in today and checked oil then even checked online site (QuakerState). No more conventional for Pennzoil or Valvoline. All oils seemed to meet GF6a with exception of QuakerState which is GF5. i then went online and...
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    I have ran manufacturers recommended oil all my life up and until this week. I got use to sounding like a truck at 1500 rpms as well as noises on first start as all searches points to normal. Lots of the ones that brought to the dealer had tons of work done before being told normal so I expected...
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    Pennzoil Platinum

    Since my vehicle OCI is 6 month (3000 miles) and time for change I was looking for a sale. I ran Valvoline Daily Synthetic Blend 5w20 which held up great as fuel mileage stayed consistent with no oil usage. I almost bit on Napa 5w20 for 16.99 but I decided to see if I could get a name brand. I...
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    Which one

    Here is typical chicken or egg came first. Short version. Mom driving her 2012 Impala cruise set at 55 mph no warning light or messages. Cruise cuts off, next AC, message pops up battery saver then shuts off. She is in a 2 lane road with no shoulder and she has no lights so she muscles it into a...
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    6 month or yearly

    Owners manual states 4k severe and once a year or 10k. I just checked and I have done 5k since 4 2019 which I changed in 10 19 with 3k. Should I just go yearly in April with Synthetic? It has an OLM which I have never seen it come on even with this 10 month run not being reset.
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    I have looked up and down can't seem to find the answer. I run Synthetic Blend in van but with the new tests to meet the new spec it seems like only synthetic will qualify. I do know Valvoline Daily Synthetic Blend is a fuel mileage oil so maybe it will qualify. Any insight into this? Pennzoil...
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    2013 Altima

    My sister bought her Altima about a year ago with 85k if I remember correctly and I have been changing oil in it. The 2.5 has 0w20 recommended and what I put in it but today she went to 2 different parts stores (O'Reilly and AutoZone). AutoZone told her it took 5w30 or motor would blow so she...
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    Severe Service

    What do you think is Severe Service? So many different things in manual from one manufacturer to another. My manual states change oil at 4k for dusty condition or stop and go traffic and it also states low rpm and ethanol use will shorten OLM. I am always at low rpm as first 3 miles are between...
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    I have been trying to find a heavier 20 grade since I drive in Louisiana heat one day and cold days in same week. I always ran 5w30 for everything but for warranty purpose I wanted to stay in 20 grade. From the viscosity number I get Synthetic is thinner so I did some math. 5 qts of 5w20 and 1...
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    Mustang Electric

    From Discover on Google <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>watch?v=jWocYp1p1Rk</a> 900 hp and won't be sold. Shame on them
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    Another fuel mileage thread

    How do you get your fuel mileage numbers? I keep track of each tank and use lie o meter as a guide. I was looking at trends today and realized that I can't seem to find an accurate way to do fuel economy. I have done the manual way of calculations only to realize that tank pressure change never...
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    Valvoline conventional

    I just bought Valvoline Daily Protection 5w20 at Walmart in 5 qt container and one in the qt size. I know both says Daily Protection but the qt is only sn and other is sn+ with only 5 qt is Synthetic Blend. I have 0w20 Advance qt so would you use conventional qt or 0w20 qt? I don't think it...
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    6 month oil change

    As the title states do you do 6 month oil changes? I don't put alot of miles but mine are mostly low rpm around town with some hwy squeezed in. Last year was 7000 miles which is unusual but only be about 2900 miles at next OCI in October. I will be going back to Synthetic Blend (Valvoline Daily...
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    Havoline ProDs

    I have noticed after the oil change to ProDS 5w20 my fuel economy has dropped. I used excuse of idling, city driving etc. Have checked everything from computer codes to tire pressure nothing is off. I had a funeral to go to so about 400 miles and again I am off right at 3 mpg on average. I had...
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    Ordering parts

    98 Ram front end as well as complete rear brakes etc. loacal is 1300 with free shipping and Parts Geek is 750 but shipping is 102. Seemed little high for shipping but it is probably do to weight. Control arms and brake drums aren't light so that might have something to do with it. Your thoughts...
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    I was Racetrack to get E15 since I read it was 10 cents cheaper with no difference compared to E10 but not only no E15 but only E20 and it was 10 cents more than E10 and was labeled flex fuel. Have any of you had any experience with this fuel?
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    2018 Grand Caravan 1 year review

    Well today is the one year anniversary of the 18 Grand Caravan. 1. Very Comfortable 2. Good fuel mileage for what it is and how I work it. 3. Will haul anything I have thrown at it. Just the other day 10 sheets of plywood and 8 ft. posts. 4. Prefers 87 octane and conventional oil (synthetic...
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    Fuel Mileage

    Let me start off by saying I keep track of mileage thru an app so it is calculated correctly. Over last 7k I was averaging 21.8 mpg and that is a mix but last tank was terrible at 13.4 mpg all low mph with plenty of stops and idling. My lie o meter was at 15.3 but hasn't been reset in I don't...