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    High oil temp while towing: need more PAO/Ester, or more viscosity?

    2017 Silverado 5.3 towing 7.5k on a routine basis now. Coolant temps hold at 207, then up to 215-220 until the fans pull it back to 207. I notice when I stop, the oil psi drops to <20 so the oil temp is definitely warm, but no gauge for accurate measurement oil temp measurement though. My...
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    Why no love for M1 gear oils?

    Searching the threads I see lots of negativity towards M1 gear oils (not Delvac). Anybody care to shed some light? Getting ready to change my Silverado again w/ G80 locker and already purchased M1 75w90 for the job.
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    Best detergent oil for rings currently available

    GM 5.3 AFM just started consuming oil ~30k miles. Need to run a few short OCIs with a high detergent oil to clean ring packs and also disabling AFM as we speak. What's the consensus on the most aggressive cleaning oil available? Amsoil SS, PUP, M1EP/AP? Has to be available in 0w-20 flavor. Thanks.
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    Ok to mix gear oil viscosities?

    Changing my diffs running 75W90 in the front and 75W140 in the rear. Need 2.1 quarts for the rear but don't want to buy a 3rd quart. Ok to mix a few oz of 75W90 with 75W140 in the rear?
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    Blending 0W-20 & 5W-20 of the same oil?

    I think I know the answer but started second guessing myself. One vehicle calls for 6q of 5W-20 (typically use M1 or VSP) and the other for 8q of 0W-20. I generally buy 2 jugs of 0W-20 for the one jug of 5W-20 for the other and use the left over 0W-20 to supplement the 5W-20. Ok to blend...
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    New super short commute: Truting GM OLM to adjust?

    Wife now has a daily commute of less than 2 miles. Weather here is 10F in the winter and 100F in the summer. Vehicle is a 2014 Silverado 5.3 direct injected. Typically the OLM aimed for roughly 7500 mile OCIs when we drove it normally. Given her commute now, the coolant never even comes up...
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    Amsoil difference: SVG 75w-90 vs AGL 80w-90?

    Looking for fluids for my front differential. Jeep Wrangler JKU Dana 30 front high-pinion, non-locker. Rear Dana 44 that I'm using SVG 75w-110in. I'm timid about changing the front away from a mineral based lube simply because it's a high pinion and I'm not convinced synthetics do all that well...
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    GM Dexos 1 NOACK limit? AMSOIL confusion....

    Reading through the September newsletter from Amsoil which contains a section discussing NOACK volatility. One of the paragraphs mentions the more stringent DEXOS 1 NOACK limits of less than 12% weight loss? We commonly discuss this around here and the typically claimed (myself included) number...
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    Fram application help: 2014 Silverado

    Fram's catalog is giving me multiple results. When I input my vehicle (2014 Silverado 5.3) the application lists XG10060. However if I cross reference the AC Delco PF63 for my vehicle, the Fram catalog lists the XG10575. Both the 10060 and the 10575 both list my vehicle as an approved...
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    AC Delco moving to all E-core: What to do now?

    2014 Silverado needs a PF63 or equivalent. I've used Delcos forever on our last 3 trucks. Love them, great for the OLM intervals. However they've more or less converted their entire line to E-cores. Very few Delco "classics" left. I also like them for warranty hassles. Can't find a...
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    Can a syn-blend go a full year OCI <7k?

    97 Civic 162K, now no longer my daily driver. Get used 2-4 times per week, but does see highway speeds for 12 miles so the oil does reach proper temps. Averaging about 6-7K annually. I'm only wanting to crawl under it once a year, so can a syn blend (most likely Maxlife) make it a full year...
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    Moving away from HM oil: safe to do?

    I recently switched to HM oils in my 97 Civic. One change of Castol GTX HM and now on to Mobil 1 HM. Finishing up the M1 oci shortly. In all about ~ 10k on HM oils, 155k total on the car. Car is in great mechanical condition with no leaks or consumption. I started using HMs simply to help the...
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    2014 Silverado: now using 75w-85?? Amsoil question

    Wife's 2014 Silverado just rolled 5k miles. I usually do a flush of the front and rear diffs and transfer case at this mileage for peace of mind. Apparently GM in a quest for CAFE standards is now using a proprietary 75w-85 GL-5 synthetic rear end fluid as opposed to the old standard 75w-90...
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    How to transition a high mileage car to synthetic?

    Moving my 97 Civic over to synthetic. Had a stead diet of dino every 4-5k for the first 148k of its life. Haven't owned it long enough to know if it burns oil. Do I just take the plunge? Start with a HM syn? If I start with a HM am I stuck using it for the future. I grabbed a jug of M1 HM...
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    New to me 97 Civic: Oil choices?

    Sold off our 2013 CRV and snagged a 97 Civic 1.6 SOHC VTEC with 148K on the clock. Previous owner had all the maintenance done on time at the dealer so it's in spectacular mechanical shape. I know the 1.6 VTEC's are prone to consumption/burning as the miles increase so I'm lost as to what oil...
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    A-RX in my Silverado 5.3- initial impression

    About 1600 miles into my cleaning phase. My history is a 2009 5.3 AFM that began consuming oil around 25-30k miles. Currently 57k. Consumption got bad enough for the dealer to finally do the TSB fix for a revised PCV valve/cover and AFM shield in the oil pan. They also did a piston soak but...
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    New Honda Pilot: 3.5 VCM: What OCI??

    Finally got fed up with our Silverado and traded it on a 2014 Pilot instead. Engine is the J35Z4 3.5L VCM. For those of you who are familiar with all the early VCM problems, what OCI do you recommend for this application? I will be using synthetic 0W-20 and Honda filters during the warranty...
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    Sludged GM 5.3 oil burner: Need help cleaning up

    Have a 2009 Silverado with the 5.3 with AFM. Has become a major oil consumer over the last 20k. It has finally become bad enough that the dealer is going to fix it. Currently consuming 1 quart every 1000~1250 miles. They are going to install an AFM oil valve deflector in the oil pan and a...