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    Wax longevity?

    I’m of the opinion that it doesn’t matter much anymore. I’ve had excellent results applying Collinite paste wax, 476, with a DA polisher. But you know what? I can spritz on one of the newer durable spray waxes, buff it off and get at least 3-4 months protection in no time. Does the 476...
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    Used Truck shopping...maybe

    Cheap truck? According to Edmunds my eight Y.O. Truck has a retail price about 2/3 what I paid for it. Absurd.
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    Castrol Edge Professional LL IV FE 0/20, 9472 miles, 2019 VW Jetta 1.4t (TAN, TBN, PC)

    9.4K. Fairly meaningless. As Blackstone says, too soon to get exercised about Iron number.
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    2021 best small truck WINNER!!!

    Yes. Real-world used car prices are nuts at the moment. My 2012 is worth about 2/3 what I paid for it retail.Trade-in is almost half what I paid. Not going to make me jump but if you happen to be in the market anyway.... PS. Nice looking handy-size truck.
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    The ultimate in stupidity and wastefulness from Amazon.

    I don’t know why they assume we are always so hot to trot. I typically get a single Walmart order in three separate deliveries. It seems so wasteful. I wish I could check a box that said in effect “That’s OK. Take an extra couple of days and send it too me all at once.”
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    RIP Diana Rigg

    She certainly had an effect on certain guys. Certain guys such as myself. Holy Moley. Was later knighted so she was “Dame Diana”. “Dame Commander of the British Empire” Is that a title and a half, or what?
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    Thinking of changing oils

    Isn’t this what a UOA is for? Test at the next change. You either like the numbers or you don’t. If not, seek recommendations and proceed from there. I’m guessing for 5K intervals Walmart synthetic is just fine. If quietness is a goal I like Castrol Edge EP a lot. Must be a brand...
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    Dumb Question? M1 5W-30 AP vs M1 5W-30 EP - Why chose one over the other?

    Probably more accurate to say that M1 EP claims 20k mile life because Castrol Edge EP does and they know that 99% of their customers will change way before that anyway.
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    Last Crown Vic Retired from CHP

    I once took one from the motor pool to go to a meeting two hours away. It was sunny and I had a pair of aviator glasses on. I made no time whatsoever.
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    String Trimmer Recommendation?

    Is it ever. I really like my 56 Volt Shindaiwa. For one thing they have a string winding system that practically guarantees no tangles. You can accomplish a lot with 25 -30 of tangle-free trimming. Get an extra battery for backup and you are set for anything but farm and ranch or professional...
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    Picking your dog out at the breeder?

    I’d vet the living daylights out of the breeder, IF they pass then they can assign you the pup out of the litter. OFA for both parents on hip dysplasia. Any other genetic testing specific to your breed. No excuses. Otherwise get one from the pound.
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    buy new car to take advantage of high used car prices?

    I guess I agree with Eljefino. The cheapest car to drive is always going to be the one that you have now if it’s still serviceable. When the time comes, run to daylight. At the moment the market is tilted away from used and away from sedans. So new mid-sized sedans might be the place to...
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    Reminder: Cops are people too

    Well, I’m glad he was pleasant but remember he was doing his job every second. If you had been transporting drugs or contraband he or would have picked up on your anxiety and one thing would have lead to another. Or maybe you would have mentioned a kind of peculiar thing down the street that...
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    Tucson AZ, Best choice of wax

    I’d try some sort of spray, rather than go chasing after the holy grail that will hold up to Arizona sunshine for month after month. These days the sprays are way more durable than ever before. For you that means they hold up for two months instead of four. Big deal. Spend 15 minutes Spritzing...
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    Anyone else leary of washing Microfiber in their washing machine?

    Never occurred to me that a towel might break the Speed Queen. On the other hand, I see no need to be gentle with them. They get washed on warm with the ‘heavy’ setting. I usually can get to the machine and set it back halfway through the cycle. Sometimes I can do that twice. Probably better...
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    Valvoline Maxlife Blend of 10W30 & 5W30, 8,026 miles, 2002 Sequioa... Another Yawner

    Where do I get me some of this Miscellaneous brand oil?
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    is it time to retire the old girl my 2005 buick century ltd

    Yeah but he can’t stop a Jaguar from being a Jaguar.
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    anyone have a UOA that the lab said the oil was actually due for a change?

    I did. Blackstone told me to change. I ran Motorcraft semi Synthetic 5w-20 9.2k on my 3.7L Ford. (Ford Quicklane oil change.) It was kind of an experiment. Only 6% life remaining as per IOLM. Good wear numbers, but the oil was just about shot; the IOLM was dead bang accurate. I agree...
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    Base model vs fully loaded truck

    The full size trucks offer a lot for the money if you keep the bling down. Very pleased with my bone stock 3.7L F-150 owned since new in 2012. It's too big (ungainly if you ask me) and much more capable than this Joe Suburbanite will ever need. Not much of a criticism. Has more hp than...