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    Engine life threshold where you are satisfied with longevity?

    In the old days if you rolled 100K miles on an engine it was a big deal and if it dies at 100,001 miles, you generally though you got your moneys worth. Whats the new threshold? 150K, 200K, 300, 400? I know this forum about maintenance means most folks here are frugal and have expectations...
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    Harbor Freight Jack stand recall

    <a href="" title="httpswwwroadandtrackcomcarculturebuyingmaintenanceamp32600586harborfreightjackstandsrecalledforriskofcollapsing"...
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    Beacon Grease as motor oil for the win!!!

    You know who's video this is. <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" /> <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>watch?v=uzHRYxRiboc</a> Let see the price bacon is say $5 /...
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    project farm like test for Maxlife vs toyota WS

    Anyone know of something like this. Maxlife is a true synthetic while WS claimed to be but doesnt clearly state it. Later found out it is not. I would like to see the difference in controlled test to prove synthetic ATF has superior life and wear resistance compare to toyota WS.
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    Add "like" option for BITOG posts like facebook

    Adding "like" options to posts like facebook would reduce some redundant posts saying the same thing over and over. Once the threads get over 2 pages long they are fairly useless to people looking for information since no one is going to read all of those posts to get a consensus.
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    keeping a water well from freezing in the south

    My mom is in the southern part if cajun country and only a couple times a year will the temperatures get below freezing outside for a period of time. (couple of days) It might be every few years. She has a traditional water well with a 1/3HP pump and tank outside the house with pipes...
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    small qty of automitive paint

    Is ther a website where u can buy a pint or so if automitive paint (clear) and hardner? i just need enough to paint the hood of my car. i tried the 2k can paint from amazon and the spray pattern is crap leading to heavy orangepeel. i have a binks gun and compressor but didnt want to break...
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    Keeping records worthwhile nowadays?

    I have never kept records on my cars and sell private party most of the time. No one ask for them but I give them a summary of the work I have done on the cars and when it was done. They can figure out the next service interval from the manual even though I'm usually over 150K miles when I...
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    fixing LED Christmas lights

    Being an EE it was very disappointing to find out that LED Christmas lights fail almost as fast as the old incandescent lights. I thought paying the high price meant never having to run through a string figuring out what bulb was bad ever again. Unfortunately Phillips/GE must have figured...
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    $0 medicare advantage plans??

    I'm shopping medicare plans for my 77yo mom. She is currently on a "managed andemnity??" from UHC that my dad had from his work before he passed away in 2014. I live a state away from my mom so getting details from her about what this UHC insurance covers is like pulling teeth. She doesn't...
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    Valvoline Synpower milky

    My sienna takes 6qts so I used 1 qt I had left over of Synpower left over from a 5 qt jug from 6 months ago. Cap was tight. I poured in 5 qt of PPPP and it looked clear going in. When I poured in the synpower it looked slightly milky like it was full of tiny air bubbles. Anyone else have...
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    Royal purple will be all over this!

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Amazon has a house brand oil ??!!!??!!??

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> And they are proud if it.
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    Cost of oil changes nowadays -- hoooly moooly

    My nephew was out of town and needed an oil change in his 2010 Corolla S 1.8L, so I checked prices for him. He takes 4.5qts of 5W-20 or 0W-20. DIY I figured $15 for Supertech synthetic 5w20 and $6 for a K&N filter element so ~$24 out the door. repair pal quoted $122-$165 !!! <img...
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    Low cost oil under valve cover reveal

    I see quite a few pics of M1 and amsoil users showing clean valve train after over 100k miles. Are there any shots of proud supertech, miles, harvest king, etc users valve trains after 100k miles?
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    Mobil 1 Synthetic noisier than other brands

    My 14 sienna V6 uses 0w20. I have run PP, Synpower and Magnatec 0w20 flavors in it before and all were buttery quiet and smooth after the oil change. I got some M1 AFE 0w20 jugs due to the rebate and to try and notices slightly noisier run after the change. It wasn't horrendous but noticeable...
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    One arm bandit tests?

    I heard it discounted and out of hand discounted the one arm bandit test is marketing only. There was a recent reference to them and i forgot the scientific reason there tests were invalid. Unles they were cheating by using hardened or silicone impregnated steel for the prefered oil sample...
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    Any downside to using a larger filter

    Filter fits and has the same bypass pressure as your regular filter but is much longer. Plusses would be more holding volume. Lower flow rates through the media should allow more to be trapped. Extra oil capacity for better cooling. Any downsides?
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    Ebay Oil Filter price increases?

    It used to be no problem to get Toyota YZZD3 in a lot of 5 for about 4.50 each. I had to really search and hunt to get some for just over $5 each. Most places want like $7 even as high as $18 each for them. !! Ebay is not what it used to be.