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  1. earlyre

    Ford F-250 "TRD" Edition

    i dunno...i've always wanted to play around with some SHO(Ford Taurus) R/T(Dodge) badges.....
  2. earlyre

    Carvana experience

    according to my brother, it's kind of a rarely optioned car... base R/T, cloth seats, the small base level stereo, but with the Super Track pack ( Bigger Forged Wheels, Bigger brakes, Performance Suspension, 3 season Eagle F1 Supercar Tires) apparently the Super Track pack is usually...
  3. earlyre

    Carvana experience

    my brother sold them his Challenger a few weeks ago they picked it up on Sept 3, finally showed up today (that i could find) they paid him $27k, listed for $32,990 ( which, incidentally is only $1000 less than he paid originally for the car)
  4. earlyre

    DIY Foundation Repair

    I'm sure someone will tell me why i'm wrong, in fact i welcome it... but, if it was my hole in the wall that i wanted to fill in, I'd cover the opening with plywood on the inside, seal up the joints, and then from the outside fill 'er up with concrete. call a local concrete guy, they may be...
  5. earlyre

    Road Trip Items to Bring?

    not to be the safety nanny, but I would include some sort of High Viz clothing item( vest, suspenders, jacket, etc) b/c can't be too careful on the side of the road. I bought these a few months back, as i will occasionally need to wear something high viz @ work, and the supplied vests are "one...
  6. earlyre

    Another Bro-Dozer. This one hauls a Side-by-Side

    strangely, id rather have this...
  7. earlyre

    Sirius XM experiences..

    i've been a subscriber since...2005. never felt the need to cancel. my parents... they've gone back and forth a few times, started when i activated the radio in mom's car before they went on a month long road trip after mom retired...they'll have it for a year or so, complain about the...
  8. earlyre

    Consumer Reports : Direct Injection at a price for fuel economy ( 2015 )

    yes... only use name brand gasoline, without ethanol! that's unobtainium in my area. ALL the gas sold is at least E10. Casey's has been moving in, and they have both e85, and e15 (branded as unleaded 88). until recently they DID have e-0 91(priced 5¢ above the e10 91), but about 2 months ago...
  9. earlyre

    Low bridge

    not being one myself, but having known a couple engineers (the guys that drive the trains, not the guys who design stuff)....they were probably fired... they should have known the heights of their cars, and that there was a "low bridge" on that section of line. I'd imagine the dispatcher will be...
  10. earlyre

    Keeping kittens out of engine bay.

    dunno if sprinkling something like fox urine around would discourage?
  11. earlyre

    Welding Career

    my nephew just graduated this spring from High School, and the Local Vocational school, with his welding certificate(s?) got his first job as a factory welder(6a-4p M-Th), just before the shutdowns. a month or so ago he got called back. realized within a week, that he didn't want to continue...
  12. earlyre

    Morons "rolling coal"

    I live and work near the campus... see tons of "bro-dozers" every day. was behind one a couple weeks ago...I just felt bad for his Dog that was riding in the bed...white truck, 6-8 inch (if not larger) stack coming up through the front of the bed, top edge of the cab(above the glass) stained...
  13. earlyre

    It's a Mercedes, old Caddy and part Batmobile in one?

    some are just blessed with more $$ than brains...or taste...
  14. earlyre

    Who here believes in Psychics?

    one of my Dad's friends found out in his 20's or 30's that he was a twin, both of whom had been Given up Separated at birth. Both were named Jim. Both had Jobs in Law Enforcement. Both Married/Divorced Linda's, and both had Second Wives named Betty. their Sons even had the same First and middle...
  15. earlyre

    Who here believes in Psychics?

    OH! Psychics... I read it as Physics... wondering how someone could not believe in Physics... now, on to the topic at hand...I've "felt" someone looking at me, only to turn around and indeed some one was... and dreams that later came true, etc... far too many times for me not to believe in the...
  16. earlyre

    drying rack / drain rack?

    I generally use an enclosed drain pan, i set the filter in the top (or Funnel, whatever) and punch an air hole in the dome end. old small slotted driver, just takes one or 2 good whacks with a hammer.
  17. earlyre

    buy new car to take advantage of high used car prices?

    my brother has had a couple superfluous vehicles for several years, few months back(Feb?) he tried out the "let us make you an offer" bit of carvana for his 2015 Challenger. (~5k mi) they offered him around $24k...he thought about it, for too long, and that offer expired(only good for 7 days)...
  18. earlyre

    Storing my 1998 Mustang for winter

    not saying this is the right way to do things, BUT: my brother has been storing his 98 GT since about ...1999? (only has ~15,500mi) tries to idle it for 30 min or so at least once a month. changes the oil, and the battery every few years. still on the factory tires. never put any sort of fuel...