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    faulty bosch right angle drill

    returning my just received 3/8 PS11-102 bosh right angle drill kit. like everything about it BUT after charging the battery NO WORKIE + since i like its features so much hoping the next one from Amazon WORKS!! thanks for free shipping both ways!!
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    looking for a good less costly 15-50 motorcycle oil

    oil shopping as the REAL synthetics i have been using are getting more spendy, so lookin at Maxima Ester synthetic blend said to use 50% ester, also belray EXP synthetic ester blend but , no specs just bla bla marketing!! + last of all liqui moly 4T ALL 15-50 flavors, all about $8 a qt + or-...
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    blauparts sale almost over

    one day sale -15% plus already discounted items. i bought 3 tubes of Ravenol Haldex lube for my 2001 TT for what one usually costs!!! i called no filters, but changed mine when i first got the car, prolly 5 yrs + about 20 thou, its my summer open air fun ride!!
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    amazon basics 5-40 not as good

    put in amazon basics synthetic euro spec 5-40 in girlfriends oil drinking 2.5L malibu last change + down a qt in only a thou where as the liquimoly went about 2 thou. either its getting worse or the similar 5-40 liquimoly is better. waiting for other issues with that oil burner to arrive. she...
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    TT time

    real racing on Velocity, the Isle of Mann TT motorcycles + sidecars, a thrill a minute as they lap the course at about 200 mph at times!! crazy dangerous on a local closed course inches from stone walls + drops that will end everything for a few riders as it usually does!
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    amazon basics 5-40 euro spec

    as noted i seen + ordered amazon basics synthetic 5W40 euro spec oil from their site, bottled by WARREN oil, could this be the super-tech thats not sold in USA!! oh + about $5 a qt delivered.
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    better oil for less consumption

    girlfriends 13 malibu 2.5 LS a DI engine was steadily consuming MORE oil about 1500 a qt with mobil I 10-30 so i tried lubro-moly 5-40 + its down a qt in a thousand miles!! i had used thicker oils in the past for thirsty engines but Pa winters requires at least a 10-30. her car drank the dexos...
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    GM quick connect issues continue

    after getting a new radiator installed in girlfriends 13 malibu 2.5 LS the tranny cooler disconnect in the nylon end tank still leaked but new rad was good, got another OE connector as they are cheap but it started leaking after a few months!! tried the NAPA brand + samo, how can a simple O ring...
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    leaking radiator fitting, again

    replaced the GM15226661 fitting in the top of the 13 malibu radiator end tank, ok for a while but leaking again!!! these fittings are used + problematic in many GM produced vehicles. i am looking without success to fit a 9/16 X 18 thread "adapter" into the radiator, cut the steel line + fit a...
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    white vinegar no workie

    tried the white vinegar with + without water neither removed my water spots, but an older bottle of griot's machine polish #2 did an EXCELLENT job followed by Collinite 915, black is now beautiful!!!
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    75-90 vs 75-140 differential lube

    in my 2011 nissan frontier SV 4.0 4WD 6 spd manual has a dana 44 variant + nissan recommends their weak 75-140 semi synthetic lube. i am going to use Redlines superior true synthetic + was wondering if the 75-90 would be sufficient as i am not a hard user of my truck. thanks in advance to all...
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    white vinegar + distilled water

    anyone use the above combo to remove water spots? seen some other options as well, what works best?
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    peak global

    looking at better priced coolants for my new to me 2011 nissan frontier 4.0. looks to have the OE stuff in it but only 28,xxx miles but timed out. the peak looks to be a fit, i will buy full strength + add 50% distilled to it. comments + suggestions appreciated
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    mobil I annual

    just heard about the mobil I annual oil, been lookin for specs, different base oils or just more additives??
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    2013 malibu radiator leaking

    only 42,500 on girlfriends car + seeing wet on the passengers side where the plastic-nylon end tank clamps on. it not always but more lately, prolly a new radiator to replace the cheap OE one!!! malibu's sure have their issues + negative comments on the malibu forums do not post!!
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    what viscosity base oils are used in various blend

    from reading it seems a 10-30 starts with a 10W then VII are added to reach a 30W + i know group IV + V base oils differ as a 30W PAO meets both 10 + 30 spec without any VII's. seeing very wide spread of 10-50 or even 15-60 petroleum oils need a lot of VII's to get from the 10 or 15 cold flow...
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    moly + engine coatings

    having just purchased a new bmw thumper g650gs + not wanting to pay $14.50 a qt for their semi-syn oils i found the valvoline 20-50 fully "synthetic" group III i assume at $8.75 a qt, it meets the specs + has little to no moly. on that note the bmw owners manual states oils with no additives...
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    Amsoil + PAO content

    an older post a few years ago an amsoil dealer stated that only signature series uses PAO base oil, so i would guess all others motorcycle oils included are NOW using group III oils or is Amsoil NOW completely switched to group III oils
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    HTHS of pennz plat from GTL tech

    been reading a lot about the GTL penns plat but have yet seen a HTHL spec. other specs listed by penns look great. started using the 10-30 in my aunts 99 jeep, got the brother-in-law to spend a little more for it over semi syn, he fixes things when they fall off or do not work at all...
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    victory 20-40-actevo 20-40

    hard to get the specs but i would guess victory relabels castrol 20-40 actevo + jacks up the price. can anyone link me to its detailed specs