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    Now I understand...( acceleration issue)

    I had an 06 Vue with same problems and only fix was going to 89 octane gas. The 2.2 is a good engine if run on interstate you will get over 200k but if driven mainly in city it will carbon up causing the problems. I pulled plug with 30k on them and all 4 had carbon deposit. Took it down...
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    Do you still wrench while injured?

    I do what I can. Back surgery in 010 need 2 more and was told I would do nothing else on vehicles or on house. I still do my oil change and in process of rebuilding my bedroom. Bedroom should have been done in couple of weeks but now going on 4 months with me only able to work for short times...
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    Do you drive with a spare, run flats, or neither?

    To many people get killed changing on side of the road. I have road side assistance so I will have it towed to nearest parking lot if I have spare if not straight to nearest tire shop. Problem with that is wife is in a wheelchair so it's difficult to get her in and out of vehicles. Could call...
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    Post your Gas Mileage : Calculated

    White Van 20.5Last 10 Fuel-ups Avg MPG MPG Trend 55Fuel-ups 25.7Best MPG 14,820.0Miles Tracked $0.107Cost Per Mile
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    Do you drive with a spare, run flats, or neither?

    Mine didn't come with one. I have a donut that was given to me so I carry that on long trips. Hope I never need it as I if it happens on front then lots of jacking. I am going to buy a steel wheel so when I get tires replaced and put new tire on it so I can do 5 wheel rotation.
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    Another Subaru thread?

    I never said the name of oil. Are some better than others yes but generally speaking. You seem to want an argument but not from me. I don't make blank statement like that only inform op that ,0w20 is probably the best oil for his Subaru since he didn't state 5w30 was allowed.
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    Another Subaru thread?

    First off not the same once you change bore and stroke. Second you dumped perfectly fine oil at 750 miles You then change the grade of oil to a worse base since you went to 5w30. 5w30 seems to shear to a 20 grade oil over time so accomplished nothing but made you feel better Finally engine isn't...
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    Minimum use of parking brake to keep it working

    I use mine each time I leave van running (dogs, or wife stays in AC) while I go into store. I remember Ford having a problem with car jumping out of park
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    Chrysler Oil Spec

    Made a good choice. That's what is in my Caravan at the moment for last 3200 miles. One of the oils that I used that didn't get noisy after 3k. I plan to run OLM.
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    Caravan finally gone?

    So far I love mine. I have worked mine hard for 2 years. Decent fuel mileage. I go from 7 passenger van to pickup in a couple of minutes Love stow and go. Bought for 19k with 3k 2018 Grand Caravan 18250 miles
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    Walmart And Chevron Supreme

    Mine states Conventional 5w20 but Synthetic is acceptable as long as you use their specification. 2018 Grand Caravan 18250 miles
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    Using Permatex to seal an oil pump

    I would get a new oil pump which is the whole housing with new seals and gaskets. A little more involved but no more leaks. Get FIPG for oil pan
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    Chrysler Oil Spec

    All 3 meet the specs. My Caravan loved Pennzoil and Valvoline but did worse on ProDs