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    How do you get dealers to handle intermittent issue under warranty

    Mazda corporate isn’t a ton of help. I went through them to try to get my noises fixed on my 2017 mazda6. It was a long battle and continuous dropping the car off and picking it up after no problems found. They finally fixed 1/3 problems within a thousand miles of my warranty and now I just deal...
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    Touring tires for my Accord

    Yokohama’s aren’t typically bad tires. They used to be my favorite value/good tire that’s not expensive till continental. If yours are loud, are they cupped? That’s usually lack of maintenance, rotations, and or out of alignment. I’ve had many sets, only one was loud if I left a car parked too...
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    Replace Bearings in Pairs?

    Run your hands around the tires especially the edges. See if you feel them cupped. If a tire is cupped to the point it’s noisy you can typically feel it.
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    Engine tapping noise - Dodge 4.7

    If your lifters were that worn, cam lobe damage wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to blame this on. have also heard some 4.7s develop rod knocks. It’s not a lower end noise is it?
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    Replace Bearings in Pairs?

    not sure...can we see a picture of the axle that inserts into the diff? I’ve never seen that clip stay in the diff. I think it’ll need to come out if that’s what is supposed to be on the axle
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    Replace Bearings in Pairs?

    It doesn’t have to be re-mounted and super rigid, just hold the backing plate in one hand and smack the hub from behind with the bfh. Now that you’re going to get a direct hit it should work out. I’d think the c clip being reused will be fine. It’s a rear axle, there’s not a ton of movement...
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    Towing with 2018 Toyota Sienna

    I know a family of 4 who travels the country in their sienna towing a popup. It’s a relatively new and low weight popup, but I was taken by surprise when I saw their pictures of it towing it. They have a 3/4 ton Cummins truck, I figured they travelled and camped with that. I figured wrong. And...
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    Using Deep Cycle Battery as Starting Battery

    I ran the yellow optima in my race car when I put the battery in the trunk. I believe that was their deep cycle option. I never had a problem and the car was rarely driven, just to race and occasional ice cream runs. Cranked fast and strong no matter how long it sat.
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    Replace Bearings in Pairs?

    I honestly don’t remember exactly how I did these. It probably varied by how it went. Sometimes they’d fall apart with a couple smacks of the hub or wheel studs, if not I think we ran the bolts back in them and air hammered them out (I know toy can’t in your situation). I don’t remember ever...
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    Replace Bearings in Pairs?

    when the hub is still attached, we’d also use that as a place to hit. Hit down on it, sideways on it, up on it. All to break that hub away from the knuckle. Do you have enough of that snout of the bearing assembly to hit on? Maybe that’s why we didn’t use slide hammers, I’m not sure. It’s been...
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    Replace Bearings in Pairs?

    Not the same car, but have the backing plate assembly like this off the car partially, only still “attached” because of the brake cable. Then just smack it with your bfh with a good direct hit now that you aren’t under the car awkwardly or have the axle in the way.
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    Replace Bearings in Pairs?

    Can’t the whole backing plate, with the remaining partial hub, just come off now, at least off the axle shaft end...a few inches away from the car. Then you can just hold it and beat it down with no axle or car in your way.
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    Replace Bearings in Pairs?

    Just a basic deep 6 point 1/2” drive. They are typically impact but for home use I assume you’ll be cranking on it by hand so impact isn’t necessary. The axle nut sockets I began with came in a set from a store we used to have similar to harbor freight and they haven’t let me down. I upgraded...
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    Subaru Head Gasket Options

    you've gotten the air out by what you’ve done. If y put it through a couple warm up/cool down cycles and you have heat, any little air pockets will have worked themselves out.