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    Replace Bearings in Pairs?

    I replaced the sensor and the Christmas tree lights are all gone! What‘s weird is that the display told me to check everything, but never threw a CEL (no codes). Had I not known the speed sensor was borked, and had I just an OBD-2 reader, I’d have been stuck going to the dealer and paying them...
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    Poor Kia Rio got smacked by a truck.

    Request a check for diminished value of your car. It likely won’t be much, but itll be something. I did this both time I was hit and both times they cut me a check.
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    Does higher octane fuel help prevent LSPI?

    My FXT doesn‘t have gears :geek: Here’s Cobb’s dyno (not my vehicle) that shows the non-flatness of the torque curve):
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    Does higher octane fuel help prevent LSPI?

    They’re directly related.
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    Home Heating Costs

    It's better than our first January in the house, when we burned through 3314 kWh!!! We were used to our previous condo and its high-efficiency gas furnace. We kept the WHOLE house at around 65-70F. Boy was that a wakeup call! Since then, we tend keep the master bedroom at 65-70F all day (I've...
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    Does higher octane fuel help prevent LSPI?

    Good point! Especially in Intelligent-mode (tamer than Sport and S# modes), it helps to either use the paddle shifters or change pedal position at a moderate rate instead of mashing the go pedal.
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    Does higher octane fuel help prevent LSPI?

    As others have said, octane likely has no effect on LSPI. LSPI is more a function of pre-ignition of a fuel mist or buildup, i.e., it's not the fuel that's pre-igniting, but the volatile oil constituents that enter the combustion chamber, mostly from the PCV system. I really like the CVT in my...
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    Do you drive with a spare, run flats, or neither?

    That's a great point and something I'll add to my go-bag. (y)
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    How capable is a 2wd truck with a locker

    My dad and I never had a problem with our 18' v-hull with his 2WD conversion van. It surely wasn't idea, but we never slipped or spun tires, let alone being dragged into the river. I do recall the ramps being long and I don't recall a ton of algae, so maybe we were lucky or my dad was smart when...
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    Home Heating Costs

    $0.2076/kW-hr Average cost so far this year, including delivery. kWh$$$$/kWhAve Temp January2003$409.050.204232 February1659$346.960.209134 March1501$312.480.208241 April1629$337.110.206944 May1156$248.920.215356 June1560$327.730.210168 July1564$338.010.216175...
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    Do you drive with a spare, run flats, or neither?

    Both Subies have donuts. It‘s just about time to check their press (usually once per year) This is what used to piss me off about tire shops. Most times they way over torqued the lug nuts to the point where the OEM wrench will not work no matter what you do (E.g., bouncing on it with your...
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    How do you get dealers to handle intermittent issue under warranty

    It’s NOT working correctly. The OP also mentioned that connections could be checked first, which is what I would expect anyone to do before throwing parts at it. OP, I do agree that if it’s a hardware issue it‘ll likely get worse and be more apparent. You’ve documented the problem, which is...
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    Question Concerning 10k OCI & Timing Chains

    How much different is a Subie blue filter from a Honda blue filter? Honda allows for two OFIs, which can be well over 10k miles and closer to 15k.
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    Lawn mower question

    Gotta read the thread posts, my man. He has a dipstick. It bogs down the engine when warm with the dipstick removed.