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    Spotted a very old car at an Express Oil Change shop today

    From here it looks like a brass T model Ford.
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    Protection for 40:1 2 cycle blower?

    We seem to cover this issue every 10 to 14 days, not complaining, just saying.
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    do circuit breakers go bad?

    If it`s an oil less compressor spray some silicone lube in the cylinder. If not an oiless does the motor get hot popping the resettable limit in the motor.Bypassing limit switches is not a good diagnostic method IMHO.
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    New job time!

    So many questions. Why all the animosity from customers? Callbacks on work or communication issues? That crane company might offer some necessary time off. Who would be doing the radiator repair if you bought the business.
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    How bad is lugging ?

    If this continues buy an automatic{ joking}. I once tore down a truck engine that showed more wear om the top bearing than the bottom. Plastiguaged to .003 this at 200,000 mi. Lugging?
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    Can I use this old oil?

    Half way thru a 15 year old gallon of Yamalube used in the old two strokes.
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    Sirius XM experiences..

    Automatic renewal is a backhanded way of doing business.
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    Increasing hostility on BITOG

    The old saw about disagree without being disagreeable is difficult in this time of high stress. This faceless media we use contributes.
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    Help; One-Pipe Steam Boiler Replacement

    Several things here, water hammer occurs when hot steam rapidly condenses when it comes in contact with colder water and so a cold boiler cannot cause hammer. As said previously here steam heat is not efficient due to cool down during off cycles. Constant pressure systems can have relatively...
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    How to break in a Stihl Chainsaw

    Have four pieces of Stihl equipment that get Stihl oil at 50/1. Other 2 cycle get 40/1 Yama lube semi syn. Break in consists of no full throttle for first two tanks.
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    Who here believes in Psychics?

    I`ll bite, yes I`ve witnessed some peculiar incidents such as thinking of something someone else thought at the same instant. TV Psychics, no.
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    Morons "rolling coal"

    A year ago while following a Ford diesel with stacks slow while passing by a line worker with the canvas tent, the genius in the truck floored it blowing black smoke into the enclosure. I think they really are looking for their mommy to show her what a nice poopy they made.
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    are places that sell oil obligated to take used oil?

    Perhaps a core charge? Don`t like the idea of yet another law to be enforced by who.
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    Vegetables you love and hate

    like swiss chard spinach fresh picked peas,and most others except kale and shrooms. Altho had some Hungarian mushroom soup that was really good.
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    Just a photo of the '52, while out to eat.

    First car was a 51 Chevy PG, many memories.