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    Home made hot wings

    Marinade in the sauce for several hours in the fridge. Make the sauce "slightly" more acidic than you want it to end up because some will react (away) with the meat. I make my sauce from scratch and home grown peppers I've selectively bred for years so it's not something you can follow, but...
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    Leaky Windshield - Cover with PPF?

    ^ ?? $1200 seems outrageously high. I recently got a windshield replaced for $223 (if not involving insurance), maybe saved $30 by taking it to a local shop opposed to them coming to me. It was maybe $30 cheaper than Safelite's estimate too, before even subtracting $30 to take it to them...
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    Where are you getting tires mounted and balanced?

    Last set, I was presented with a list of local places and their rates at when I bought them. Picked Pepboys because they were low priced and nearby. $70 all in including tax for 4, mounted, balanced and stems. However they gave me the evil eye for not buying my tires there and...
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    pre cleaning charge for new gutters?

    ^ Time to get a couple more estimates, they seem like a ripoff. As someone else mentioned it is still about the total price, other companies may just not itemize their billing to this detail, but in addition to price, be sure you are comparing the same gauge of metal. Some of those made on...
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    3/16 inch double flaring tool

    I have one (exactly?) like that, sold under the Eastwood brand. Very convenient for on-vehicle use in tight spots and does a much more consistent job than those butterfly style tools you'll find at auto parts stores as loaner tools. Looks like it has gone up in price...
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    Grease or oil for stand fan?

    Always oil in a sleeve bearing, and grease in a ball bearing. If it is preventative, use a very light oil. If it has already worn the bearing and is making noise, use a thicker oil. It will not be drawn through the bearing well and need reapplied more often but once you have the wear you need...
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    All-in-one bottle jack

    Yeah the minimum height deterred me from purchase when I first saw those, but there's also the part about not having any situation where my floor jack and stands haven't been capable. It does seem like a better option for people who regularly travel longer distances, to have that instead of...
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    How not to repair a tire

    That there's a "get you home" special. If it's for sale just negotiate down the cost of new tire(s).
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    Organizing The Shop

    I question the use of that much pegboard space for exhaust headers! :)
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    Think There Will Be Good Black Friday Tire Deals?

    Be sure to check with your local walmart first! Here the closest one has shut down their service dept due to pandemic something something.
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    No eject option on the system tray

    ^ Caching still provides a performance gain, but it is less noticeable the larger the files are. I always leave it (caching) turned on, then just wait a few seconds for writing to finish. The OS does not just wait around to write out the cache (unless you initiate another concurrent I/O...
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    Carvana experience

    ^ Of course it is also true for CPO cars that their checklist means nothing without a detailed warranty in writing to back it up. It is true for all sellers, that things not in the contract are not guaranteed, except for a few states with additional protection. However when it comes to a free...
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    ROAD READY steel rims : Any users ?

    Never used them, but with free shipping built into the price, some models are slightly cheaper direct from their site instead of through walmart.
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    Carvana experience

    I am genuinely curious what makes you think that you get any further guarantee than what warranty is stated in writing in the contract? For anything, not just cars? Granted a few states offer further protection, but nothing that detailed. If I am on your ignore list, at least this is...
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    Setting cut depth on an angle grinder?

    On the cheap, yes you could strap a wood block to the side of it. Try not to block the vent holes.