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    Super Tech Box-O-Oil Experience

    Its even more fun putting the "used" wine back in the box for recycle. :)
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    Kirkland 5W30 runs rougher in Xterra?

    Go get an empty QSUD (Smooth and quiet) bottle and pour the Kirkland oil in it first. Then pour it into th car. That will quiet it down. :)
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    $21.99 Kirkland Signature

    makes perfect since. the 0w-20 sold out first.
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    Consumer Reports : Direct Injection at a price for fuel economy ( 2015 )

    They should fog fuel cleaners behind the valves to keep them clean. BUT why would you do that when you could charge to clean them periodically. :)
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    Fram Extra Guard PH3600 C&P 5,200 miles

    Orange Can of......plenty good enough. :) I have not seen a report of extraguard filters having any major issues on 5k mile commuter applications. While the lack of metal end caps raised more than a few eyebrows, the engineer that implemented that should be patted on the back. I'm...
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    32 oz Stabil -$8.88- Amazon

    I'd like to see Project Farm test that 2 year storage claim. Seems right up his alley. 2 jugs with a tight cap (one with and one without stabil), Two cans with a loose cap (one with and one without). Loose caps simulate a boats vented fuel system. Test every 6 months in his trusty lawnmower.
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    General Tire rebates for S.U.V. and Light Trucks of $100 , $70 , $50

    sign up for a Chase freedom unlimited credit card and get $200 off of 500 purchase. RT43s are generally 125 each so four tires hit the 500 mark. you get 1.5% cash back...
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    How to find a longer wearing tire

    Michelin LTX has a 70K mile warranty. I would get them and wear them out at 50K miles then replace them under warranty to reduce the price on the next set. Should be good for at least a 20% discount on the next set. I run LTX on my 07 tacoma and I wont switch. I finally found a tire that...
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    Rotella Gas Truck or QSUD?

    Engine will not care either way. Both are good oils and compatible with your engine. Sometimes life is easy.
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    Under valve cover, 2002 Honda K24 170k

    bulk what. Syn or conventional? If conventional that is one of the cleanest under valve covers I've seen with conventional.
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    Can Anyone School Me On How Shock Absorber Firmness Is Measured/Advertised?

    If want a softer ride also look at your tires. Some have very stiff sidewalls while others have ballooned out flexy ones. If your car has low aspect ratio tires (large rim, skinny tire) the ride will be rougher.
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    steel cas cans

    yes. buy a plastic one. :)
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    Collinite over Klasse?

    Did you do a wipe down with alcohol before using the SG? The big thing the AIO is supposed to do is remove old was and oils before applying SG. it lays down a "starter" layer of the sealent in SG to help with adhesion. M.U.P. has oils in it to help lubricate the pad while polishing and...
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    Collinite over Klasse?

    Are you using the Klasse twins (AIO then SG) or just the AIO? If just the AIO, use whatever wax you want since the AIO does not have a lot of sealant in it. i is mostly raved for it cleaning ability and it being OK to use on plastic and rubber. If you have SG on top of AIO and you want...