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    New bike break-in & highway riding

    varying RPM is good + you need to put enough heat in it to set the rings by winding it a bit then riding normal! it it uses oil you were too EZE on it. conventional oils for a few thou then synthetics later or real synthetics if your not overly thrifty. check the yami forums!!
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    Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Vs Mobil 1 Synthetic Vs AMSoil Signature

    WHAT engine how to you drive etc need answers! amsoil is prolly better BUT $$$$$ other typical fake synthetics are very similar + a 5-30 typical synthetic would be a cheap upgrade
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    Manual gearbox additive

    Redline quality Ester lubes work, but the $$$ keeps people from trying it!!
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    Cylinder wall treatment for Porsche?

    sport bikes been using coated cylinders a long time without issues. it saves little weight as well as spacer + heat transfer is superior. yes it costs more done right + cheap manufacturers like Hardly use outdated steel liners. guessing some newer coatings are being TRIED to save $$$, as usual...
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    Informed opinions on this supposed mechanism of oil consumption?

    there are a lot of factors for sure BUT as noted you need to get the rings properly seated from NEW + low RPMs lower heat will not do it!!! my new to me 13 Victory Hammer 106 cu in air-oil cooled bike bought in 13 with 600 miles on it was using oil, 2 qts in a few hundred miles after purchase...
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    Question: What REALLY matters for a motor oil?

    ONLY the pros like Mola really KNOW!!. lots of BS claims + requirements for better mpgs + emissions that compromise longevity IMO + surely REAL synthetic Ester + PAO excells if needed. at a price as noted above. all Redline lubes in my 2011 Frontier netted 3 mpgs + although costly it was a good...
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    Brembo Xtra rotors vs Otto Zimmermann Sport Coat Z

    i like EBC per their higher carbon content made in the UK, their pads usually from USA. Brembo makes great stuff but they have different grades like most + their name + reputation = higher $$$$ as they support professional racing $$$$. some motorcycle Brembo suppliers recommend EBC replacement...
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    2019 Tundra ATF.... Burned?

    i buy the less popular trucks IF they have a MANUAL tranny, common cure for all slush box issues!!!
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    Red Line 5w40

    redline is generally a real synthetic with superior real synthetic base oils + premium but minimal additives as needed, hence you pay but get better!!
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    Oil temperature

    the Hemi is NOT a Hemi for a long time!!! typical BS marketing to sell as our governments allows outright LIES about many things!!!
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    Malibu trans RIP

    unless the car is above average otherwise, JUNK IT!!! if you can get a new Kia-Hyundai that fits your budget or a very old lo tech ride as todays cars are more complicated + costly!!!
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    Consumer Reports : Direct Injection at a price for fuel economy ( 2015 )

    NEVER any port injected issues even with 200 thou on my traded Jetta. yes manufacturers are pushed by the government + they hide issues as they dont want costly recalls!!!! its always about the $$$$ + the consumer pays!!
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    VW Golf 10k oil change recommendation

    manufacturers tout less upkeep as a selling point like lifetime fluids end up causing issues. if you did almost all highway as i did with my MK IV jetta putting on a thousand miles a week your ok with a better oil, otherwise prolly NOT!! your car your $$$$ how long do you want it to last as many...
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    Folks with LSD's - Which Gear Lube Do You Use?

    i use the correct blend of Redline always. there are several variations, so check their web site or call. additives used are specific fot the application. never any issues in any vehicle i have owned, yes its $$$ but it just might be the best. i changed ALL drivetrain fluids in my lo mile 2011...
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    2021 best small truck WINNER!!!

    ALL trucks have become oversized like many people + where are the standard cabs with decent V-6 power. i like the frontiers for value + own an 2011 SV king cab only because theres NO standard cab + of course the almost extinct manual tranny. automatics are preferred by manufactures because they...