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Pennzoil Q & A

Pennzoil question and answers. Find below a comprehensive Q&A about all things Pennzoil Product Specific / Technical Pennzoil Platinum® Full Synthetic motor oil with PurePlus™ Technology is a very high performing full synthetic motor oil. However, Pennzoil wanted to test the boundaries of technology even further so we introduced Pennzoil Ultra Platinum™ Full Synthetic motor […]

Putting the Simple Back into Viscosity

by John Sander, VP Technology, Lubrication Engineers Inc. Abstract: Simply stated, viscosity is defined as the internal resistance of a fluid to flow. That doesn’t sound too difficult, does it? Unfortunately, new temperature, speed and pressure demands on lubricating fluids have changed over the years, resulting in several different measurements and classifications being created to […]

Motor Oil Final Exam

While starting up your car at 75°F, mid-winter in Florida, which of these synthetic oils provides the least startup resistance, minimal battery and starter motor load? A. 0W-20 B. 0W-30 C. 0W-40 D. 0W-50 E. They are all exactly the same While vacationing in Orlando, it is 104°F mid-summer in Florida. The rental car company […]

What’s in your Motor Oil

I’m sure this is not new to many here and has been covered to various degrees in the past, but there are many newer members who wish to understand more about what is in a motor oil. To those I hope this may be helpful. To the professionals, chemists, and purists, don’t get too picky […]

Motor Oil Mid-Term Exam

At normal operating temperature, 212°F, a straight 30 grade oil has a viscosity of how many centiStokes? A. 3 B. 6 C. 10 D. 20 E. 30 While racing at 95°F, mid-summer in Florida, which of these synthetic oils gives the best protection at 302°F oil temperature? A. 0W-40 B. 5W-40 C. 10W-40 D. Straight […]

Motor Oil 201

Chapter Ten – The Graduate I am going to bring up the constant flow pump concept. First, it goes back to the principal that doubling the pressure of the same grade oil does not exactly double the flow but it is close. Also doubling the RPM for the same reason does not exactly double the […]

Motor Oil 109

Chapter Nine – Let’s start over. We have seen that 0W-30, 5W-30, 10W-30 and straight 30 grade oils all have the exact same viscosity at 212° and 302°F. What about startup viscosities? Do 0W-20, 0W-30 , and 0W-40 all have the same viscosity at a 75°F startup. The answer is no. The SAE J300 standard […]

Motor Oil 108

Chapter Eight – Odds and ends. I have some stories that I collected. First, my architect drives a big SUV. He was running with Mobil 1 brand 15W-50. He changed it to Pennzoil Multi-grade (mineral oil based, non-synthetic, cheap) 5W-20 at my suggestion. His gas mileage went from 10 to 13 MPG around town. What […]

Motor Oil 107

Chapter Seven – What is the terminology from SAE and API? Many think that the “W” in 10W-30 means “winter”. The W is just a designation of one type of testing vs another. What is the viscosity of the various grade oils? The definitions are as follows: Note again that the difference between the 20 […]

Motor Oil 106

Chapter Six – A personal preference. These are the motor oils I recommend. This is based on information that I just happened to collect. I have not gotten the specifications of all oils out there. My opinion on these oils is most based on viscosities. By this I mean less honey like at start up […]