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Motor Oil Final Exam

While starting up your car at 75°F, mid-winter in Florida, which of these synthetic oils provides the least startup resistance, minimal battery and starter motor load? A. 0W-20 B. 0W-30 C. 0W-40 D. 0W-50 E. They are all exactly the same While vacationing in Orlando, it is 104°F mid-summer in Florida. The rental car company […]


There are a number of terms and their definitions used in the various articles that are contained here. Additionally, this page serves to marshall many of the other more common terms and acronyms relating to the petroleum industry and to lubricants. We will be adding to as well as updating when new information comes to […]

Moly Basics

Molybdenum Disulfide Molybdenum is a very hard metal with a number of industrial uses. It is combined with chromium in steel to make the steel harder and more resistant to bending. Most of the bicycle frames produced today use chromium and molybdenum steel. Because the steel is so much harder, the manufacturers can use less, […]

Effects of Shearing

How does an oil lose some of it’s viscosity in an engine? Shear stability is a measure of the amount of viscosity an oil may lose during operation. Oil experiences very high stresses in certain areas of the engine such as in the oil pump, cam shaft area , piston rings, and any other areas […]

States of Lubrication

Hydrodynamic Lubrication The design of oil is to produce a film of oil between two mating surfaces which gives you the best protection against wear. As the image below shows, oil flows, and creates a hydraulic pressure (elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication, or EHL) between the two surfaces. Now under perfect conditions this type of lubrication will not […]

Basic Lubrication Design

TBN and oxidation Engine lubricants are generally used to reduce friction between moving parts within the interior engine. In addition to the lubricating function, motor oil also serves as a coolant, corrosion protector, and method of removing contaminants from the engine filter. In other words, motor oil holds the same importance to an engine that […]