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Used Oil Analysis

How your Blackstone sample is processed by David Newton Used Oil Analysis – we all talk about it, and many can understand the results, but few people have had the opportunity to actually see how the process works. One of the more popular analysis labs is Blackstone Laboratories of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  If you want […]

Engine Oil Analysis

What is an engine oil analysis? Engine oil analysis is a process that involves a sample of engine oil, whether virgin or used, and analyzing it for various properties and materials in order to monitor wear metals and contamination. By analyzing a sample of used engine oil, you can determine the wear rate, and overall […]

Used Oil Analysis

UOAs are a great tool in the Management of any machinery that uses liquid lubricants. Unfortunately, their real value is often misunderstood by those who contribute to BITOG. Firstly, it is important to realize that you get what you pay for. The most common forms of UOA are limited in their scope. It is a […]

What is Oil Analysis?

Oil analysis history The first use of used oil analysis dates back to the early 1940s by the railway companies in the Western United States. Prompted by the purchase of a fleet of new locomotives, technicians used simple spectrographic equipment and physical tests to monitor locomotive engines. As steam locomotives gave yield to diesel locomotives, […]