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Air Filter Future Testing

Like everything in life, this filter test wasn’t done right the first time. Nothing ever is. So, yes there will be more testing in the future. This testing will probably wait 18 months or so until I finish graduate school, move on to my new job and purchase a very mundane family oriented vehicle like […]

Air Filtration Test Disclaimer

Disclaimer: First of all you are probably wondering why this test needs a disclaimer. Well a few very loud individuals have proposed that this test is invalid as all variables are not controlled for example the weather or the daily pollen count in the atmosphere. This is not a laboratory test, but a real world […]

Air Filter Filtration Test

In the top left corner is the heavily advertised K&N. Going in standard English (not Arab) book order (left to right etc.), next is the Amsoil air filter. (Click on images to enlarge.) After that is the Napa Gold paper air filter. On the bottom row are the Jackson Racing filter, Racing Beat air filter, […]

Air Filtration Test

This is a contribution from AnthonyS Member # 1824 of our forum board. showing some interesting results on air filtration/ flow tests. I want to thank AnthonyS for all the great work in taking the time to perform these tests. Of course these are not standard ASTM tests and by no means represent any scientific […]