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See, no matter how you cut it, whether you use alt fuel or crude, the end is near and only using less fuel is the option.

So why the heck are we mad at CA trying to force higher mpg limit on the auto industry? Stop the SUV/Truck/Minivan madness and everyone start working on a 1500lb 7 seater with a coefficient of drag of 0.21

I would agree... if I lived in a city. When it rains or snows on my roads, we are darn thankful we have a 4500lb Jeep Liberty Diesel to get to and from town. By the way, it regularly gets over 30 mpg on trips and averages 24-25 mpg in our daily stuff. Better than a lot of cars.

The end is near only if we never tap the vast reserves of petroleum we have right here at home. We are our own worst enemy when it comes to energy security.

Burn it down.