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#1602418 - 09/16/09 07:37 PM TRC 15w40, 150 hrs in N14 Cummins
Rob_Roy Offline

Registered: 10/26/08
Posts: 844
Loc: Northern, NY
Texas Refinery Corp. Pro-Spec III 15w40 CI4+. The N14 puts out roughly 500hp and is installed in a John Deere self propelled chopper. This unit runs wide open most of the time at maximum load. Sump capacity is 42 quarts, 3 quarts of make up oil added. Analysis by Wearcheck, values of zero were omitted.

Time on unit: 4223 hrs
Time on oil & filter: 150 hrs
Oil not changed, sample pulled with vacuum pump.

Silicon: 2.6
Potassium: 2.8
Sodium: 5.2
Fuel%: <2
Glycol: Negative
Water%: <0.1
Soot%: 0.9
Sulfation: 61
Nitration: 67

Boron: 5.8
Barium: 0.5
Calcium: 4076
Magnesium: 14
Molybdenum: 5.2
Phosphorus: 1130
Sulfur: 5490
Zinc: 1281

Iron: 13
Copper: 0.4
Aluminum: 1.7
Lead: 6

Viscosity @ 100C: 15.49
TBN: 15.1
2014 Subaru Outback
2012 Subaru Legacy
1999 Ford F350, V10 workhorse

#1602439 - 09/16/09 07:58 PM Re: TRC 15w40, 150 hrs in N14 Cummins [Re: Rob_Roy]
daman Offline

Registered: 09/23/06
Posts: 10439
Loc: Bad Axe, MI
where did you get that oil from?
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#1602494 - 09/16/09 08:48 PM Re: TRC 15w40, 150 hrs in N14 Cummins [Re: daman]
soldierman Offline

Registered: 07/14/05
Posts: 180
Loc: mcminnville tn
That would be roughly like 8000 miles on a semi truck. And your oil is still showing TBN of 15! :-) I can't for the life of me convince my FIL that new computer controlled diesels aren't the same old engines he grew up with. They are built tighter, atomize better and burn much cleaner than what he drove just 10 years ago. He is stuck on doing 10K oil changes. When he could stick $100-150 in the bank easy every other change. I'm sure his truck most likely could easily go 20K.
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#1602541 - 09/16/09 09:28 PM Re: TRC 15w40, 150 hrs in N14 Cummins [Re: soldierman]
rshunter Offline

Registered: 02/02/09
Posts: 1921
Loc: Ohio,USA
Holy c#@p! Oil changes every 10K? I'm running my trucks on 40K intervals...
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#1602660 - 09/16/09 11:53 PM Re: TRC 15w40, 150 hrs in N14 Cummins [Re: rshunter]
pickled Offline

Registered: 02/14/08
Posts: 2098
Loc: The Rocky Mountains
Nice wearing N14 (uggh I sounded like Blackstone for a minute please forgive me)! Looks like your limiting factor will be soot. Heck if you were to put a bypass or centrifuge on that puppy you could tack weld the drain plug before you fill it up at your next oil change and forget about it! Wear appears to be well controlled. I take it that you aren't running ULSD and this beauty has NO EGR to bother with.
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#1603290 - 09/17/09 06:56 PM Re: TRC 15w40, 150 hrs in N14 Cummins [Re: pickled]
Rob_Roy Offline

Registered: 10/26/08
Posts: 844
Loc: Northern, NY
The fuel is an unknown, off road diesel in our area can be either LSD or ULSD. No EGR to worry about.

Keeping the air cleaner free of pollen/seeds & dirt is a constant battle, I suspect that may have something to do with the soot.
2014 Subaru Outback
2012 Subaru Legacy
1999 Ford F350, V10 workhorse

#1603327 - 09/17/09 07:23 PM Re: TRC 15w40, 150 hrs in N14 Cummins [Re: Rob_Roy]
m37charlie Online   content

Registered: 06/08/09
Posts: 1114
Loc: Alaska
It's worthwhile going to the site of that oil co. All their oils are very strongly formulated. The Pro-spec III has a SA of 1.72%, TBN>15, Ca 4500, Zn 1300 or 1400. If it were a 5W-40 it would be a "super-oil"; which it already is for temperate and warm conditions. The CJ4 version has a very high TBN of 14!!

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#1603394 - 09/17/09 08:07 PM Re: TRC 15w40, 150 hrs in N14 Cummins [Re: m37charlie]
sdan27 Offline

Registered: 06/07/09
Posts: 469
Loc: Michigan
How many hours do you generally you put on your unit in a year? We have a Claas unit on our farm and the last two years put on about 370 hours each. I'm guessing we'll go over that this year though as we're looking to chop a lot more corn. What type of oil filters do you use? The Fleetguard combo filters work real well in some of our applications in keeping soot down. With an N14 you'd probably want to look for an LF9009.
'94 F250 Powerstroke. LF9691 primary oil. AH1141 air filter. FS1282, FF5320 fuel filter. WF2071 coolant filter.

#1603395 - 09/17/09 08:09 PM Re: TRC 15w40, 150 hrs in N14 Cummins [Re: sdan27]
oliver88 Offline

Registered: 07/23/05
Posts: 280
Loc: ohio
Where can you buy TRC oil??

#1864188 - 04/20/10 01:19 AM Re: TRC 15w40, 150 hrs in N14 Cummins [Re: oliver88]
Texan4Life Offline

Registered: 01/28/10
Posts: 2102
Loc: Texas
Originally Posted By: oliver88
Where can you buy TRC oil??


I have been finding these UOA's to be steller and almost unbelievable.
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#1864623 - 04/20/10 12:28 PM Re: TRC 15w40, 150 hrs in N14 Cummins [Re: rshunter]
1969 Offline

Registered: 12/29/06
Posts: 4
Loc: Ft Worth, Tx Tarrant County
The TRC stands for Texas Refinery Corporation and they are located in Ft.Worth, Tx. It is a privately held company with apparently world class products. You can order their products over the phone.

#1866018 - 04/21/10 01:58 PM Re: TRC 15w40, 150 hrs in N14 Cummins [Re: 1969]
Johnny Offline

Registered: 05/27/02
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