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#1187818 - 07/07/08 06:54 AM Comparision of some injector cleaner ingredients
Dale_Knight Offline

Registered: 05/10/08
Posts: 176
Loc: Alberta Canada
From a Miata owners ingredient study of some common injector cleaners from MSDS information;

"I made this file to show the differences between Injector cleaners.
Some cost $2 others cost $13, the mid priced bottles are a best buy.
This method does not come close to sending all your injectors for a clean and balance.

Most cheap injector cleaners are just
pure kerosene or alcohol., like $2 GumOut.

Some MSDS forms say trade secret, but tell what chem. that is not toxic and would clean an injector?
The top brands , tell the truth here.

MSDS data:

Techron Concentrate
Distillates, hydrotreated light < 50 %weight Aka: Paint thinner(oil based)
Stoddard solvent < 35 %weight Aka: dry clean solvent, white solvent
Solvent naphtha, light aromatic 5 - 10 %weight : zippo lighter fluid
Benzene, 1,2,4-trimethyl- 95-63-6 1 - 5 %weight : powerful toxic solvent
Xylene , powerful solvent

Techron is naptha and 3 kinds of benenze.

Chemical Percent
Trade secret or proprietary formula < 1 ( secret #1)
Petroleum distillate(s) (unspecified) 40-70 ( most likely paint thinner)
Detergent/Inhibitor mixture 1-10 ( secret #2 )
Isopropanol 30-50 (rubbing alcohol, GAS DRYER "CH3CHOHCH3")

I can not begin to guess why we need more alcohol when all gas has it already.
Gasoline, must contain 2% oxygen by weight, in most smog chocked areas of the USA.


Seafoam ingredients:
1 PALE OIL 4229 40-60% = A base or process oil refined until its color = yellow.
2 NAPHTHA 20 25-35% solvent powerful , common in all good injector cleaners. Zippo juice !
3 IPA 125 10-20% = Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol), Useless in gas , cuz it already has tons.

in my opinion , putting oil into your gasoline is not too smart. Think about it?
fouls plugs, makes lots of carbon , and messes up OXy sensors. You decide.

"GM TEC" ingredients:

2-BUTOXYETHANOL, a paint and ink solvent , used even in Clorox cleaner 409
Naptha, , raises octane rating of gas, , simular to Zippo ligher fluid. Coleman camp fuel.
4-METHYL-2-PENTANOL, (aka:Methyl isobutyl carbinol) used as a lacquer paint tinner
9-OCTADECENDIC ACID.(aka:Oleic acid, found in Olive oil) ( this acid is interesting)

BG-44k: ( madly popular but little different than old Chevron Techron)

Light Aromatic Solvent Naphtha , ( Zippo lighter fluid)

1, 2, 4-Trimethylbenzene , commonly found in up to 7% by volume already in Gasoline.

Xylene ,(1,2-dimethylbenzene & 1,3-dimethylbenzene & 1,4-dimethylbenzene), xylol , powerful solvent

Cumene ,(isopropylbenzene, ) powerful solvent,raises octane of gasoline.

2-Propanone 30-60 % aka: Acetone
Ethylbenzene >10 % a powerful solvent
Hydrotreated Heavy Paraffinic Distillate 1-10 % weak solvent
Methanol 1-4% , solvent.
Propane 10-30% , gas
Toluene 15-45% ,powerful solvent
Xylene (mixed isomers) 5-20%
Red Line SI-1
1-5% Alkenylamine - (a detergent ,even used sometimes,in baby shampoo)
1-10% Isoctanol - ( C8H18O , aka, 2-ethylhexan-1-ol, or Octyl alcohol)
1-10% 1,2,4 Trimethylbenzene , (C9H12 )
5-20% Aliphactic Napthta , zippo lighter fluid. , aka: white gas, low octane)

Valvoline Complete Fuel System Cleaner
52 - 62% Kersosene
28-38% Light hydrotreated petroleum distillate
6-16% Stoddard Solvent ( stoddard is the name of the man who invented dry cleaning)

Warning, some of the chemical names have 20-30 synonyms."
2007 VQ40 V6 Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 33K kms
1998 5.7 V8 GMC Yukon 4x4 260K kms

#1187859 - 07/07/08 08:22 AM Re: Comparision of some injector cleaner ingredients [Re: Dale_Knight]
Eddie Online   content

Registered: 12/07/03
Posts: 7031
Loc: Florida, Cape Coral
Interesting and thank you Dale. Somehow I expected more and especially from SeaFoam. These are REAl money makers.
CX5 Touring 2.5L :-)

#1189233 - 07/08/08 09:39 PM Re: Comparision of some injector cleaner ingredients [Re: Eddie]
MolaKule Offline

Registered: 06/05/02
Posts: 15123
Loc: Iowegia - USA
Once again, MSDS' do not tell the whole formulation story.

putting oil into your gasoline is not too smart.

Oils are used as solvent carriers, UCLs, and to prevent evaporation. These oils are generally very low viscosity, highly refined oils and burn cleanly.

There are thousands of variations of alkylamines. You can't compare water soluble alkyl's with oil soluble alkyl's.
Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution! smile

#1190029 - 07/09/08 08:55 PM Re: Comparision of some injector cleaner ingredients [Re: MolaKule]
rumple Offline

Registered: 06/21/08
Posts: 116
Loc: USA, NJ
The MSDS data for Red Line SI-1 is not correct as shown. See here for one dated April 18, 2008.

50% PolyEther Amine
10% Isooctanol
20% Aliphatic Naphtha

The PolyEther Amine is one of the really good gas cleaners used - found in Red Line SI-1, Amsoil Pi, Gumout Regane and a few others.


#1190077 - 07/09/08 09:58 PM Re: Comparision of some injector cleaner ingredients [Re: rumple]
rumple Offline

Registered: 06/21/08
Posts: 116
Loc: USA, NJ
Oops. The here for Red Line SI 1 MSDS is here:


#1259359 - 10/17/08 09:23 AM Re: Comparision of some injector cleaner ingredients [Re: rumple]
daves66nova Offline

Registered: 04/11/04
Posts: 3216
Loc: los angeles
so, which is the better buy for all of these?

#1259436 - 10/17/08 10:46 AM Re: Comparision of some injector cleaner ingredients [Re: daves66nova]
Samilcar Offline

Registered: 07/11/08
Posts: 1478
Loc: Iowa
The alcohol added to gasoline (ethanol) is not the same alcohol as that found in several of those cleaners (isopropyl).

Isopropyl is a more powerful solvent than ethanol. I actually took a bottle of Everclear and a bottle of rubbing alcohol and tested them side by side in cleaning oil off metal parts. Ethanol stinks as a cleaning solvent.

#1259791 - 10/17/08 06:25 PM Re: Comparision of some injector cleaner ingredients [Re: Samilcar]
Steve S Offline

Registered: 01/20/03
Posts: 18449
Loc: East of IGO
Everclear is a price cleaner!!!
Why do people post I want the best for my car,,, When there isn't anything that is the best on the car to begin with.

#1262992 - 10/21/08 09:32 PM Re: Comparision of some injector cleaner ingredients [Re: Steve S]
ZZman Offline

Registered: 03/17/08
Posts: 4234
Loc: Michigan
Odd.....where is the PEA(polyether amine) in the Techron?
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#1262995 - 10/21/08 09:36 PM Re: Comparision of some injector cleaner ingredients [Re: daves66nova]
Saturn_Fan Offline

Registered: 01/06/08
Posts: 2512
Loc: America's Dairyland
 Originally Posted By: daves66nova
so, which is the better buy for all of these?

SI-1 for a little over 5 bucks per 15 oz bottle if bought by the case IMHO.
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#1267345 - 10/27/08 09:13 AM Re: Comparision of some injector cleaner ingredients [Re: Saturn_Fan]
Hokiefyd Offline

Registered: 06/24/04
Posts: 12202
Loc: North Carolina
I've heard an old wive's tale that using injector cleaner with solvents in it will quickly reduce the life of your fuel pump (or flat out kill an old one) because the solvents burn up the fuel pump windings (since the fluid flows THROUGH the motor).

Is there any truth to that, or is it mostly hogwash?

2008 Honda CR-V EX-L (Peak 0W-20)
2005 Acura MDX Touring (VNG 5W-20)

#1302666 - 12/05/08 06:11 PM Re: Comparision of some injector cleaner ingredients [Re: Hokiefyd]
widman Offline

Registered: 05/27/02
Posts: 3098
Loc: Bolivia
I'm no chemist, but I know that Techron has eliminated pinging in 100's of Suzuki's and took my Grand Cherokee from pinging on 90 octane to not pinging on 80 octane. Worth every penny of it.
Richard's Car Restorations

#1308662 - 12/11/08 01:24 PM Re: Comparision of some injector cleaner ingredients [Re: widman]
BrianWC Offline

Registered: 02/09/06
Posts: 6873
Loc: Louisiana
Tracking down and organizing these MSDS's is great. The explanations and commentary are a little lacking and at times ill-informed.
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2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L
2014 Ford Mustang GT

#1319308 - 12/22/08 11:53 AM Re: Comparision of some injector cleaner ingredients [Re: BrianWC]
Ben99GT Offline

Registered: 02/25/05
Posts: 4310
Loc: MS
The Techron additive is awesome. Even though Ford now endorses BP, there is an actual Ford TSB out there for sticking fuel pump sending units, and the solution per the TSB is to use a bottle of Chevron Techron fuel system cleaner and fill up with the Chevron (or other top tier) gasoline for a few tanks to fix it. And it works everytime.
2001 F150 Supercrew
1991 Mustang LX notch
1999 Mustang GT

#1406444 - 03/17/09 08:45 PM Re: Comparision of some injector cleaner ingredients [Re: Ben99GT]
Mystic Online   content

Registered: 03/05/03
Posts: 7955
Loc: Colorado
The strange thing is Ben99GT whenever I drove in Arizona or New Mexico and I was able to get Chevron gasoline, especially if I also used Techron, my engine would run totally great.

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