Ford 3.5L EcoBoost oil study

Posted by: dnewton3

Ford 3.5L EcoBoost oil study - 04/10/13 09:30 AM

I am organizing a study of lubes in use in the Ford 3.5L EcoBoost truck engine.

I am interested in having several BITOG members (or closely known, trusted family/friends of members) that are willing to participate in a tightly controlled, managed field study.

The goals are many fold:
1) assess the affect of fuel dilution in the UOAs
2) assess if fuel dilution tapers as the engine/ECM matures
3) analyze wear data relative to oil type
4) analyze wear data relative to OCI duration

Many things will be as tightly controlled as possible. Inputs will be held as (near) constant as possible to reduce variation. The main variable will be lube type (dino, semi, syn). Things like filters, etc will be constants.

Usage will be nullified by the commonality of the use of the IOLM; this will compensate for the effect of severity, as the ECM will self-adjust the OCI for idling, heat, towing, highway, etc. The intent is to run well within a safe operational parameter, and yet run out far enough to see if we can distinguish any differences. Our current thought is to run the IOLM down to 20% remaining (+/- 2% for sake of convenience), then OCI and UOA. That assures a safety margin that anyone could feel comfortable with, and yet still get decent exposure to try and draw out any disparities. As the study matures, if longer or shorter IOLM OCIs are warranted, then the group would make a decision to modify or not. The one caveat here is that if you are a very short-mileage driver, you're likely to not meet the IOLM marker before a time-based OCI would be predicated by Ford's warranty. That is a matter of discussion for the base group, once established.

I want to stress that consistency is the key here. Trust between BITOGers is paramount. Getting itchy fingers towards the drain plug, inability to resist adding supplemental cocktail chemical treatments, using lubes not assigned, etc, will not help in the study. If you cannot keep your hands off the wrench or fill cap, then I'd prefer you not participate, please. If you donít have patience, this study is not for you; it will take many, many months and tens of thousands of miles.

Additionally, the costs of maintenance and UOAs are to be borne by the owner and not BITOG or its representatives.

This is an unofficial study; there is no intent on challenging anything other than dogma. In short, this is for fun among like-minded people who desire good data to make rational conclusions. This is a study to see what we can prove or disprove, and not to become a self-fulfilling prophecy of brand bigotry. Knowledge is the quest; commitment is the goal. We will let the data speak to us when the trials are done.

I am offering my abilities to store/track/analyze all data.

I need those who own the trucks, and are willing to stick to the study criteria, to step forward and help out.

I want to stress that at no time am I asking anyone to "risk" their expensive vehicle . We will not be placing any demands upon you that would be outside the realm of what Ford intended for this vehicle; the use, the OCIs, the lubes will all be such that Ford would approve and not deny any warranty concern.

If you are interested, and you have trusted access to a 3.5L EB in a Ford truck, and are willing to abide by the study doctrine, then please PM me. If you do not meet all those conditions, please set aside your temptation to tell me how great/terrible this is going to be. I seek only those who can participate in the tight regime set forth, and not well-wishers or naysayers.

This is not meant to be a conversation starter; this is simply a public posting to make notice. Once a base group is established, then we'll go public with information.