Does ANYONE have (or know how to get) the specs/PDSes for the GM part # 88861800, or AC Delco # 10-4033 "Manual Transmission & Transfer Case Fluid" (or ANY of their other MTFs)??

I believe it is semi-synthetic, and according to MolaKule it is ~ a 7.5 cSt, but I'd like to know the EXACT cSts, as well as the viscosity index ( hide ) of this stuff.

The site does NOT allow you to view the specs/PDSes of the fluids, but it does show that the above fluid WAS back-specced for the T56 gearboxes (now that Dex 3 is gone, or maybe because they FINALLY realize/agree with MolaKule that an ATF has NO PLACE in a manual trans), as well as all of the current TR6060s.

Thanks in advance.
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