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#3119189 - 09/09/13 07:46 AM 2010 impala slipping trans?
Huie83 Offline

Registered: 02/19/09
Posts: 213
Loc: Minnesota

I'm having a issue with our 2010 Chevy Impala and I wanted to get some input from you guys/gals.

The Impala has 73K miles and is exhibiting what I would call a slipping transmission maybe 1-2 times a week. It happens only when the car is driven for the first time that day. Let me explain the sequence of events:

1) Start car and let the idle come down a bit.
2) Put it in reverse and back 10-15 feet out of the driveway.
3) Put it in drive and try to pull away. The traction control light blinks, there is a slight grinding noise and the car barely moves.
4) Let off the throttle immediately so the traction light stops blinking.Give it some throttle and she pulls away fine like nothing is wrong. It will drive fine the rest of the day/week and then randomly will do it again...

I pulled the transmission pan this weekend and replaced the filter and added 8 Qts of fresh Chevron Dexron VI as it's on GM's approved list. The fluid level when warm read in the upper 3/4 of the safe zone. Nothing crazy in the pan, when I cleaned the magnet it wasn't too furry.

This AM it did the same thing... Ideas??



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#3119191 - 09/09/13 07:48 AM Re: 2010 impala slipping trans? [Re: Huie83]
michaelluscher Online   content

Registered: 10/07/12
Posts: 843
Loc: NYC
Book it into the Local Chevy Dealer ASAP.
Its still under warranty, so if a fluid chance doesn't fix it, they should have to.
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#3119193 - 09/09/13 07:50 AM Re: 2010 impala slipping trans? [Re: Huie83]
Danno Offline

Registered: 10/07/12
Posts: 685
Loc: Northern Ontario, Canada
You will find it to be a "common" issue with that tranny if you search for the model on the web. I had the same symptoms on my 2005 Uplander. Eventually you will need a rebuild.
Try this, put it in drive first for a few seconds and then reverse before you leave for the morning. Should help it build fluid pressure across all the tranny and hopefully will help the tranny live longer.
edit - good point on the warranty - should have 5 years, 100K mile powertrain warranty on it.

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#3119195 - 09/09/13 07:53 AM Re: 2010 impala slipping trans? [Re: Huie83]
Huie83 Offline

Registered: 02/19/09
Posts: 213
Loc: Minnesota
Thanks michaelluscher-

I thought about bringing it in, the 2010's had the 5yr/100K mile warranty I believe.

Does anyone have any experience dealing with chevy dealers and the 100K warranty? While I was under there doing the tranny work I noticed the rear main seal is leaking pretty bad too.

#3119225 - 09/09/13 08:23 AM Re: 2010 impala slipping trans? [Re: Huie83]
ARCOgraphite Online   content

Registered: 05/17/09
Posts: 8113
Loc: N.H, U.S.A.
ABS test?
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#3119231 - 09/09/13 08:29 AM Re: 2010 impala slipping trans? [Re: Huie83]
bradepb Offline

Registered: 12/12/08
Posts: 759
Loc: Clinton Twp. MI
Take it in. I would not have messed with the fluid either since its under warranty. They are going to grill you on why you changed the fluid on a trans that is still under warranty and its not recommended till 150,000 I believe.

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#3119243 - 09/09/13 08:41 AM Re: 2010 impala slipping trans? [Re: Huie83]
RN89 Offline

Registered: 05/07/13
Posts: 83
Loc: Houston, Texas
You're positive it's not traction control engaging?
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#3119253 - 09/09/13 08:51 AM Re: 2010 impala slipping trans? [Re: RN89]
dishdude Offline

Registered: 11/14/08
Posts: 3117
Loc: Phoenix
Originally Posted By: RN89
You're positive it's not traction control engaging?

+1 It sounds more like a speed sensor at one of the wheels on it's way out.
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#3119267 - 09/09/13 09:06 AM Re: 2010 impala slipping trans? [Re: Huie83]
gregk24 Online   content

Registered: 04/13/13
Posts: 1986
Loc: FL, USA
Take it in to the dealer if its under warranty, hopefully you will get a new trans. The Impalas from 2005-2012 had transmission issues.
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#3119292 - 09/09/13 09:32 AM Re: 2010 impala slipping trans? [Re: Huie83]
QuOk Offline

Registered: 12/21/06
Posts: 262
Loc: NJ
2012 and up have the new 6 speed transmission.(6T70)
2011 and older have the unreliable 4T65.
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#3119330 - 09/09/13 10:08 AM Re: 2010 impala slipping trans? [Re: Huie83]
Huie83 Offline

Registered: 02/19/09
Posts: 213
Loc: Minnesota
Hmm.. the speed sensor could be worth a look. It does only seem to do it with the wheels turned as I am crooked from backing out of my driveway. It Is my girlfriends car so I have limited history on it. She did say she ran over a blown out semi tire when the car had around 40K on it, that was before I met her and before I drove the car on a regular basis.

@ bradebp, I thought the fluid was worth a shot. The manual says fluid changes @ 50K for severe and 100K for normal. Since one of the "severe service" qualifiers is cold temps, that would throw me in the category. With 73K on the odo, the fluid looked okay but kind of dirty.

When I take it in they better not squak at that. I used a GM certified fluid and it is in the normal range. Plus, it was doing that way before I swapped fluid, it's been this way since 50-55K or so.

#3119340 - 09/09/13 10:17 AM Re: 2010 impala slipping trans? [Re: Huie83]
zzyzzx Online   content

Registered: 05/18/12
Posts: 1351
Loc: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
I think you have low transmission fluid pressure it cold idle. I am not sure how to fix that on your car. I had a car with a similar problem and these was a TSB fix that was easy to install. That and I adjusted the transmission oil pressure up a little via the external cable (older cars you can do this, not sure how one does this on a newer car). That was a few years ago and the transmission has worked fine since then.

#3119352 - 09/09/13 10:23 AM Re: 2010 impala slipping trans? [Re: Huie83]
Drew99GT Offline

Registered: 10/11/02
Posts: 20272
Loc: Colorado Springs
My Mom's 2007 Impala is starting to exhibit similar symptoms. Several times a day, if you give it moderate to hard throttle from a stop, it clunks and slips. It's not really bad, but it's noticeable. It's had the fluid flushed at the dealer twice now and the car has 92,000 miles.

Does anyone know if some of the major suppliers of transmission rebuild kits have a beefed up kit for this transaxle? I know many times they do offer such options. Thanks

#3119607 - 09/09/13 02:14 PM Re: 2010 impala slipping trans? [Re: Huie83]
dishdude Offline

Registered: 11/14/08
Posts: 3117
Loc: Phoenix
Forget the thread title and read what the car is doing. the grinding noise is the ABS pump activating because one of the speed sensors thinks a wheel isn't moving. The engine power is limited, and the traction control system is applying the brake to the drive wheel that it sees moving.

I already know the answer to this question -

OP: When you are trying to accelerate and the car isn't moving, does the engine rev up like it is in neutral?
'13 ATS
'12 E350

#3119661 - 09/09/13 03:18 PM Re: 2010 impala slipping trans? [Re: Huie83]
Huie83 Offline

Registered: 02/19/09
Posts: 213
Loc: Minnesota

The revs do build as I try and accelerate away.The car does start to move a little, maybe 2 MPH or so before the traction control light blinks and the grinding noise. It usually catches me off guard though and I let off the gas. I'll try and pay more attention to what happens to engine power next time.

Like some have mentioned on here, I have read a bit today and it could be a bad wheel speed sensor. I'll have to figure out how to test them.

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