For the mods... could we make the "Post your latest oil change" topic a sticky? I, like many others here, always update the topic when I do an oil change. Problem is, whenever I look for it, it's like 3 or 4 pages down, or I have to google it and find it that way. Not a huge deal, but I figured since it's one of the oldest and still most updated topics here, I'd ask for a sticky... smile
11 Fusion 2.5 - 41K mi - Napa Syn 0w20, RL D6
08 Sedona 3.8 - 72K mi - M1 0w30, Amsoil ATF
99 Miata 5MT 1.8 - 122K mi - M1 5w30, RL MT-90, RL 75w90