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Jump to new posts Re: New to me 2007 Tahoe-Advice? by Clevy @ Today at 10:16 AM

I've got 2 first gen LS engines currently running daily in my personal fleet. Ones awd the other is lever shift 4wd. I have never heard of a lever shift transfer case needing fixing nor replacement. Both my units are approaching very high miles. Th
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: 2001 Gmc Sierra Z71 Ext Cab by Honda2003 @ Today at 10:15 AM

Hey guys Im bringing back this old thread because I have a question about the Mobil Super High Mileage 5w-30 oil. If I changed to this oil do you think it would make a difference on my oil consumption? Truck has 208,000 miles on it now. [img]https:/
Jump to new posts Re: Need grease gun & grease choice advice by Warstud @ Today at 10:01 AM

I personally like the lever action better than the pistol grip.
Mechanical /Maintenance Forum
Jump to new posts Re: WARNING-------Ecotec Timing chain rattle by Papa Bear @ Today at 09:53 AM

Originally Posted By: Astro14Having lived through a few Winnipeg winters, including walking to Grammar School, I am just laughing at the OP's name! Very apropos.... Cheers! 2 seasons there..... snow & mosquitoes.
Firearms: Lubes, Cleaners, & Maintenance
Jump to new posts Re: Nation wide cpl license? by Doog @ Today at 09:45 AM

Federal anything is a bad idea.
Tires & Wheels
Jump to new posts Re: General AltiMAX RT43 by SeventhReign @ Today at 09:44 AM

Originally Posted By: The CriticNot to rain on the parade, but did you investigate the rolling resistance of these tires, compared to the Defender or the OE tire? Usually there's a 3-5% penalty in fuel economy, which can add up to hundreds of dollar
Lawn Mower and Small Engine
Jump to new posts Re: Pushmower oil temp, 261F, 5HP Kawasaki by BigCahuna @ Today at 09:39 AM

Before I would condemn the oil for making the motor too hot, I would check to see if there's another reason, like grass restricting air flow. Maybe mice have stuffed lint or some other material in the cooling fins. Might just be as simple as wet gras
Jump to new posts Re: New to me 2008 Scion tC by ThirdeYe @ Today at 09:38 AM

RN89 - Thanks! I will use that tip about the hatch button. I'm still having trouble pushing the button consistently. It seems difficult to find. Did you ever have any rattles coming from the hatch area? I've been noticing a rattle coming from the pa
Engine Oil Filters
Jump to new posts Re: Donaldson oil filters by Sam_Julier @ Today at 09:37 AM

I run the Donaldson P550008 on the 93 Volvo via a Canton remote mount. It is a robust filter weighing 492 grams vs. 399 grams for the equivalent Purolator L30001/Mann ML1004/Bosch 3500. The P550008 costs $4.54/each at the local Kenworth dealer, less
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Meeting versus exceeding specs by GMorg @ Today at 09:35 AM

demarpaint wrote: "Show me the certs, not the claims made by the marketing dept. or in house tests." I agree, but I wish that the same vigor was applied to the claims on aftermarket additives.
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: USPS tracking by SHOZ @ Today at 09:32 AM

Two days from central Illinois to Irvine CA or the other way. Get at least three priority mail packages a month this way. If there is a lazy PO somewhere between you and the end that's the problem. You should complain to the Postmaster general abo
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: Name That Shape by Doog @ Today at 09:29 AM

Originally Posted By: dlundbladI didnt know "kite" was a shape. Lol. HEY, GO FLY A RHOMBUS..... SORRY GEEK HUMOR
Mechanical /Maintenance Forum
Jump to new posts Re: When to fill up? by LX289 @ Today at 09:20 AM

I guess it depends on the type of vehicle and how the fuel pump is situated in the tank.
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Synerlec and warranty by LX289 @ Today at 09:01 AM

Originally Posted By: 901MemphisThe API SN licensed versions of the royal purple such as the ones found at Walmart DO NOT contain synerlec. Sorry i was wrong about that.
Mechanical /Maintenance Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Thoughts on my Delphi Compressor??? by JHZR2 @ Today at 08:59 AM

I need to follow up on this. I don't use my truck a whole lot and The air conditioning was running until it got really cold. This may be a dumb question but do shops typically work on air conditioning in the extreme cold? What I mean is am I bette
Mechanical /Maintenance Forum
Jump to new posts Re: For anyone with a "ecotec" 2.2 liter engine... by aarondj30 @ Today at 08:49 AM

Cold start - 10 degrees 2.2 Ecotec 280,000 miles: one of the best motors I've ever had!
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: license plate surveillance ... by dblshock @ Today at 08:42 AM

nice to see the press getting involved showing this technology has been turned against the public who pays for it.. DEA Wanted to Surveil Cars at Gun Shows
Automotive General Topics
Originally Posted By: MCompactOriginally Posted By: Mykl Man, by that logic we should completely give up on internal combustion engines entirely. Those things are nothing but trouble. Look on the bright side; all these hand-wringers obsess about D
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: Hair clipper oil? by tom slick @ Today at 08:23 AM

Krytox is the only thing to use in this highly technical application.
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Mixing Oil 5w20 5w30 10w30 by caravanmike @ Today at 08:08 AM

i have heard of friends that let oil containers drain for weeks to get every last drop out of. it works and it is new oil!
General Board Information
Jump to new posts Re: Forum Function by Smoky14 @ Today at 08:04 AM

Having checked my computer twice now and did some research the "segapi quantserve" appears to be on the BITOG server and is only triggered by certain posts it wishes to track. I'm still researching. Smoky
Tires & Wheels
Jump to new posts Re: Blizzard Car/Tire Choice: '14 Subaru '08 Civic? by mrsilv04 @ Today at 07:44 AM

General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: Melville or Verne? by andyd @ Today at 07:43 AM

I always felt bad for Starbuck. I never considered your question before. Both men were out for revenge. Toss in John Wayne's character in "The Searchers" My boss reminds me of Sir Topham Hatt, Thomas the Tank Engine's boss.
Cooling System Fluids & Additives
Jump to new posts Re: Green VS Orange by sayjac @ Today at 07:24 AM

Chrysler oem 'Orange' is G-05. GM oem 'Orange-ish' is DexCool. So as said, color is a very unreliable indicator of AF chemistry. Thinking your vehicle had Chrysler G-05 Hoat not DexCool. That being the case, I wouldn't mix Prestone AM/M 2eha Dexclo
Lawn Mower and Small Engine
Jump to new posts Re: FH680V 23hp Kawasaki oil by zrxkawboy @ Today at 07:00 AM

Originally Posted By: LX289If 10w-30 is working great why change?? My first thought, too. However, I'm sure 15W40 would work great also.
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