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A new car, from Boeing!
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ATF, Differential, Trans, Brakes, P/S
Jump to new posts Re: Where to buy LE1605 in quarts? by paulo57509 @ Today at 02:44 PM

Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Diesel Cars/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Chrysler MS-11106 oil specification by Wilhelm_D @ Today at 02:41 PM

Originally Posted By: BobT3218Has anyone a copy of MS-11106? If so, can you please post it? There is much speculation as to what it actually says. This is a requirement for the VM Motori 3L V6 diesel in the WK2 Grand Cherokees. I believe it's th
Mechanical /Maintenance Forum
Jump to new posts Re: 96 Honda Civic LX odd coolant leak need some help by 01_celica_gt @ Today at 02:33 PM

Originally Posted By: JamesBondThanks for updating your post, I wish everyone did this. Also, on my civic I put a tiny hose clamp on the hose that goes from the reservoir to the top of the radiator because I was getting some leaking from there eve
Racing Oils/Engines/Cars/Teams/Drivers
Jump to new posts Re: Jay Leno: Oil Nerd by Klutch9 @ Today at 02:30 PM

Originally Posted By: FetchFarKlutch9, awesome answer, did not know any of that. Wonder what all the other Indycars use then (Penske-Pennzoil SOPUS)? I would like to know that as well. I know for awhile in the previous Indy v8 era, the Penske team
Interesting Articles
Originally Posted By: edwardh1I saw in the Federal Register a proposal for comment on contracting (letting of contracts) to prepare rulemaking for containment of emissions from funnels. The justification cited is reduction of volatile airborne emis
Originally Posted By: UncleLeeYou don't drive your car on the rail road why would you ride a bicycle in the road. The tax payers in my area have paid for over 100 miles of bicycle trails, and people still ride on the road. absolute nuisanc
Consumer Electronics
Jump to new posts Re: need some help from windows phone users by afoulk @ Today at 02:17 PM

Nothing shows up in my inbox. How do I sync them up?
Power Sports
Jump to new posts Re: concoction to free up rusty transmission gears. by Wilhelm_D @ Today at 02:15 PM

Originally Posted By: PanzermanAny ideas to free the bearings, gears a d silent chain up from years of neglect. Commercial products: Auto-Rx Free-Eze Transmission Flush that may point the way to your own approach.
Jump to new posts Re: 84 mpg. Really. by Bladecutter @ Today at 02:08 PM

Personally, I like the idea of this little three wheeled adventure. Price point is good enough that it could scavenge sales from people looking for bare bones Nissan Versa's and Hyundai Accents, that just use them to commute to and from work everyda
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Mobil 1 question by FetchFar @ Today at 02:00 PM

Willhelm_D, exactly my point, in that a paper-only filter can't get to the high efficiency levels as glass fiber reinforced ones or all synthetic ones while still having adequate dirt holding capacity and pressure drop characteristics for someone goi
Jump to new posts Re: Ready boost for netbook... Thoughts ? by GoStumpy @ Today at 01:54 PM

I found the weak point of my netbook was the processor, when loading applications and general slowdowns the processor was running @ 100%, using coretemp in the system tray to watch.. I upgraded to 2gb of Ram, and installed a 80GB SSD, and it did imp
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: How did you come across BITOG ?? by ls1mike @ Today at 01:48 PM

I was on an LSx board and someone posted a link to an argument here about the fun of driving a slow car fast VS a fast car slow...
Lawn Mower and Small Engine
Jump to new posts Re: Need a Good 2stroke oil by wag123 @ Today at 01:34 PM

Echo Power Blend Stihl HP Ultra Tanaka Perfect Mix
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Does oil go bad? by Volvohead @ Today at 01:11 PM

Originally Posted By: alexologI found an open jug of Mobil-1 in my garage hidden behind some stuff. It was sitting there for years, enduring Toronto temperatures. Is it useable? Thanks. While not exactly similar fluids, I find it interesting tha
Oil Filters
Jump to new posts Re: Fram TG4386 cut open by BlueOvalFitter @ Today at 12:53 PM

Originally Posted By: surfstarOriginally Posted By: Merkava_4Originally Posted By: HangFireOriginally Posted By: possum328I just can't get past the fiber end caps, but that is a pretty good looking specemin... I know, but as their rep pointed out,
European and Import Motor Oils
Jump to new posts Re: C4 in place of C3? by edyvw @ Today at 12:51 PM

Originally Posted By: Quattro PeteAre you saying you used M1 ESP 5w-30 for 450K km in that Peugeot? In any case, the guy wasn't saying that the engine would die at 200K miles. Only that there would be measurable wear that would result in less than
Automotive General Topics
Jump to new posts Re: Rebuilt engine warranty by bubbatime @ Today at 12:51 PM

Originally Posted By: DonaldI would look for a reman rather than a rebuilt. Reman and rebuilt is the same thing...
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Mobil1/Mobil Super: your order of preference by Swift101 @ Today at 12:35 PM

Come one Wemay you should try 20W-50, it's a no-brainer Let us know how 0W-30 turns out!
Motorcycles and Motorcycle Lubrication
Jump to new posts Re: New Dirt Scooter! 2007 YZ-250 by john_pifer @ Today at 12:23 PM

Originally Posted By: PanzermanThat's a nice bike. Congrats. That is a nice find. I wouldn't pay much attention to 15+ years racer. Apparently he is a fad follower, seeing he jumped on the four stroke fad wagon. Glad to see a fellow two stroke lover.
Mechanical /Maintenance Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Direct Injection - cleaning combustion chamber by TiredTrucker @ Today at 12:22 PM

Is it that big of a deal with gas DI engines? Heavy diesels are all direct injected and go well over 1 million miles without some form of intake valve cleaning. Even on the newer heavy diesels that have had CCV systems since 2007. Considering the
Oil Filters
Jump to new posts Re: Toyota brand cartridge filters OK? by ZeeOSix @ Today at 12:16 PM

Originally Posted By: ARCOgraphiteOriginally Posted By: ZeeOSixOriginally Posted By: ARCOgraphiteI haven't read the 4548-12 spec - is that multipass? From FRAM's website in thier FAQ section: 1.
Power Sports
Jump to new posts Re: New toy for the garage: needs a full service. by Panzerman @ Today at 11:58 AM

BTW, I was the teenager in that story. I had the Honda 250sx for 3 years before I even realized it had a oil filter.
Oil Filters
Jump to new posts Re: Check those filters when buying! by SilverC6 @ Today at 11:33 AM

Thieves... If I could only afford an OCOD, then that's what I would buy.
Product Rebates, Sales and Promotions
Jump to new posts Re: Cdn Tire Sale by JC1 @ Today at 11:23 AM

Originally Posted By: RogerBaconFor those fans of Mobile 1 synthetic, it is on sale at Cdn. Tire this week for 24.99 for 4 litres. Still overpriced in my opinion. Yes they had the 4.4 Litre jug with the extra one litre bottle for $29.99 a few mont
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: A Question about Electrical Breakers and Amps by threeputtpar @ Today at 11:18 AM

When my wife picked up the new microwave yesterday, she mentioned to the salesguy that we were passing on the double oven idea because of the 40A requirement. He said that he's had many people buy an appliance that required 40A service but ran it on
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