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Jump to new posts Re: are 97-03 F-150's the most fuel efficient/aerodyna by artificialist @ 02/22/15 10:07 AM

You would need a wind tunnel to know how aerodynamic a vehicle is. Just because a vehicle looks like it has good aerodynamics doesn't mean the aerodynamics were actually good. The other thing to remember is that if you put a top over the bed, you wi
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: Navy Vessel for sale at $180K by cjcride @ 02/22/15 09:48 AM

Originally Posted By: ronboLeon Panetta claimed when he was Sec of Defense that 10% of the Defense budget goes to fuel for the Navy. At todays prices that's 5%.
Engine Oil Bypass Filters
Jump to new posts Re: Do bypass filters reduce UOA usefullness? by zpinch @ 02/22/15 09:29 AM

filter cartridge Action of the cartridge: The filtration cartridge acts by both absorption and adsorption in a continuous recycling process. The long fibres of the paper attract the water formed either through the combustion process or by condensati
Lawn Mower and Small Engine
Jump to new posts Re: John Deere 928E 2 stage snowblower by jhellwig @ 02/22/15 09:23 AM

Originally Posted By: Oil Changer It's long been known that the JD stuff sold at the box stores are different than at a JD dealer. Maybe next time save everyone some grief and go to a JD dealer, who probably won't have the pins either this time of y
Used Oil Analysis - Gasoline
Jump to new posts Re: Mobil 5000 5w30 5,585 miles UOA by jorton @ 02/22/15 09:07 AM

If you run 20% MMO every oc, the concentration will gradually increase because not all of the used oil is removed. Try using the 20% MMO oc every other time.
Mechanical /Maintenance Forum
Jump to new posts Re: P0301 after battery swap. by simple_gifts @ 02/22/15 09:01 AM

So I don't mind buying stuff from AA since they are convenient (8 miles), but the replacement for a denso coil is double the cost from RA. For > $50USD, i can let the car sit for 2 days.
Racing Oils/Engines/Cars/Teams/Drivers
Jump to new posts Re: JUNIOR 88 by mcrn @ 02/22/15 08:07 AM

Originally Posted By: mrsilv04Hey thanks. At lap 26 on delay on my DVR now. Might as well forget it and go to bed now. That sucks....probably should have avoided the race section of forum. I have done this to myself so many times when I record a
Fuels and Fuel Additives: Gasoline and Diesel
Jump to new posts Re: Amsoil Quickshot vs Gasoline Stabilizer by TiredTrucker @ 02/22/15 08:05 AM

Well, Amsoil says it is for short term storage vs their Stabilize product that is for long term storage. My guess would be the Quikshot is good for a few months like over the summer of the typical small engine application user. I use the stuff but
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Picked up a case of TGMO. by chiefsfan1 @ 02/22/15 07:57 AM

Originally Posted By: OVERKILLOriginally Posted By: SilverC6Originally Posted By: Shannow I find that statement a little interesting given that there's been multiple versions of TGMO, and they were all quite different... In the US, almost everythin
Automotive General Topics
Jump to new posts Re: Accident question by fdcg27 @ 02/22/15 07:52 AM

Originally Posted By: HosteenJorjeState Farm will act like they don't know you after you have paid their premiums for thirty years. Worst *$#@*%$ company I have ever dealt with. And SF had my homeowners coverage too. We've had State Farm for more t
Engine Oil Filters
Jump to new posts Re: New oil filter rattle... by Motorking @ 02/22/15 07:23 AM

Originally Posted By: geeman789Picked up a couple of oem Honda (A02 Frams...) oil filters the other day... when I went to install one, I discovered one had a "rattle...". I always give any new filter a quick upside down shake, in case ther
Product Rebates, Sales and Promotions
Jump to new posts Re: PepBoys by Quattro Pete @ 02/22/15 06:44 AM

Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Just how important is time factor in oil changes? by SilverSnake @ 02/22/15 06:28 AM
Mechanical /Maintenance Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Harmonic balancer question by Rick in PA @ 02/22/15 06:08 AM

A newer car, a 2001, my harmonic balancer failed and it was causing the serpentine belt to jump a couple of grooves on the pulleys of the accessories driven.
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: Your own personal spy drone by tony1679 @ 02/22/15 04:46 AM

I can't believe the obvious has not been said... (Following Merk's train of thought) I want to see how oil is made! And what the proprietary ingredients are. And how Purolator was/is screwing up (not starting a war). On a more personal note, I'd a
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: Few more feet coming down on New England by hotwheels @ 02/22/15 12:58 AM

I wish the weather wasn't as monotonous as it is here. Not that I'd want to shovel snow. The most excitement in recent weeks was two weeks ago, when we heard thunder in the morning, which was followed by a couple rainy days. And of course we could ne
Product Rebates, Sales and Promotions
Jump to new posts Re: AAP $50 off $100+ first 2000 customers. by 01_celica_gt @ 02/22/15 12:43 AM

$50 off orders over $100 for first 2000 customers $40 off orders over $100 for next 1000 customers 30% off nearly everything for all customers with code WD58 usual exclusions* apply (see below) This deal starts 2/22 and the 30% runs thru 2/28
Mechanical /Maintenance Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Are wheel studs routine for tire shops, or.. by Fordtrucktexan @ 02/22/15 12:22 AM

Interesting thread. I've never heard of installing wheel studs with a tool, but it's a sound principle. Fwiw, 97-early 99 F150 and Expeditions had smaller wheel studs than 99.5'+ models, and were far more prone to breaking. I replaced 5 or 6 on my
Mechanical /Maintenance Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Belt tension rule of thumb? by Fordtrucktexan @ 02/21/15 11:51 PM

It's been removed before. An oem tightened bolt on an Integra B18 will not come off with a cordless impact. When you put it back on, be sure to use a crank holding tool and torque the bolt on with more than just the impact. Otherwise you'll be hunt
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: Young drivers, possibly idiots, and snow by silvercivicsi @ 02/21/15 11:29 PM

Things like this are why I purchased a dash cam. Cheap insurance for if (when?) I get in an accident. On a side note I want to say not ALL civic drivers are terrible. I've had mine (yes it's tuned up, no I don't drive like an idiot) for 6 years no
Motorcycles and Motorcycle Lubrication
Jump to new posts Re: Just Thinking by Robenstein @ 02/21/15 10:31 PM

Look at Mystik 15w50 HDEO. Here a few hours east it is readily available at several farm stores. It is cheap at about 25 bucks for a 2 gallon jug here in Ames.
Tires & Wheels
Jump to new posts Re: New Tires Time , many choices here...(tire pic!) by 901Memphis @ 02/21/15 10:08 PM

These things are awesome, had them out in the slush/snow today, no problems at all, they grip great.
Automotive General Topics
Jump to new posts Re: A Jeep Frozen In Time.. by NothingNew @ 02/21/15 10:04 PM

Originally Posted By: WarstudWhat's the picture @.10 ? What I'm seeing at :10 is the grille of the Jeep, taken from a low angle.
Tires & Wheels
Jump to new posts Re: 50/80 psi for towing only? by mjoekingz28 @ 02/21/15 09:52 PM

What is the weight difference on the front end loaded vs empty. Does hauling or towing weigh down the front tires or just the rear axle? The answer could help me find a good f/r psi. Since, if trailer weight cant be suspended on the front end, th
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Originally Posted By: DoogI would run a HDEO 5w40 +1 HDEO 5/40 is cheap and good all at the same time. I run it in my sons Civic with 209k miles and all oil consumption stopped. No degrade in gas mileage with the 5/40 vs 5/30 M1 ROD
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