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Heavy Duty Engine Oil (HDEO) - Diesel/Gas Pickups/Trucks/Vans
Jump to new posts Re: oil for my '15 6.7 Powerstroke by Alex38 @ 07/25/14 11:31 PM

My dad ran 10w30 T5 in his 2012 6.7 for the first few changes, but has been using Mobil Delvac 15w40 since. He's convinced that the 40wt is smoother and quieter, with no measurable difference in fuel economy. They are all approved in the manual, an
Jump to new posts Re: Anyone here from NC? Pulled Pork question. by Shannow @ 07/25/14 11:27 PM

Interesting how fate works...went out on the turps last night to farewell a good mate/workmate, and my best mate won a big lump of pork (shoulder, bone out)...and he doesn't cook roasts. So today I have a quiet day, a weber (UFO looking one, not bul
Mechanical /Maintenance Forum
Originally Posted By: bigjlIn my experiece Subarus use some oil. Less when driven round town. More on long high speed journeys. I would not be worried about 2/3 quarts over that many miles. VAG have said for years that a litre per 1000 miles is p
Oil Filters
Jump to new posts Re: Wix 33647 Opened, (Jeep Liberty CRD) by Rand @ 07/25/14 10:38 PM

Thats the diesel filter, 27$ on amazon you probably need one now.
Tires & Wheels
KH16's in oem size tires were below average esp in snow and wet. IMO.
Automotive General Topics
Originally Posted By: SteveSRT8 You missed it. Even if the manifold pressure reads 2 inches of vacuum it can be partially airflow from the turbo that got it there. It may read 8 inches vac on the same vehicle with the same size NA engine under the sa
Oil Filters
Jump to new posts Re: List of Purolator failures by Provi @ 07/25/14 09:23 PM

Originally Posted By: mrsilv04Originally Posted By: ProviSo I wrote Purolator on Facebook and they responded...... So... what really happened is that you reached the intern that they pay $10 a hour to monitor their "social media outlets"
Used Oil Analysis - Gasoline
Jump to new posts Re: Motul 5W30 8100 X-Clean / 13' WRX / 4,958 Mi by thescreensavers @ 07/25/14 09:20 PM

Originally Posted By: bluesubieNice report, thanks for posting. The Subaru oil even stayed in grade, and it looks like there was some fuel dilution. What Stage I tune are you running? Fuel looks good. -Dennis This wasnt Subaru oil, it was Motul.
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Pennzoil Ultra Platinum reviews by Pajero @ 07/25/14 09:08 PM

Does anyone have any experiences with the new Ultra? UOA and/or VOA? Thanks in advance!
Boat/PWC Lubrication
Jump to new posts Re: Towing boat with Dodge Caravan by fisher83 @ 07/25/14 09:00 PM

I have decided that I will just get a hitch for the van and go ahead and use it. Pretty much any lake I would take it to is within 20 miles of here and not hilly. I think as long as I keep my speed reasonable and keep it out of overdrive I will be fi
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Which oil to use? by ArtDart @ 07/25/14 08:51 PM

Racing Oils/Engines/Cars/Teams/Drivers
Jump to new posts Re: I need some info Penzoil 25w-50 racing by morris @ 07/25/14 08:40 PM

found what might be it. but just the first paragraph. High temperature high shear (HTHS) viscosity of engine oils is a critical property that relates to the fuel economy and durability of a running engine. The
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: Price Of Gas.. Really Dropped Today. by Garak @ 07/25/14 08:30 PM

Originally Posted By: daves87rsAt this point, they may let it drop for a while...fooling people into thinking that a truck could still be a good idea... The only way I would own a truck/suv now would be if it was not my main car.... Hopefully you a
Fuels and Fuel Additives: Gasoline and Diesel
Jump to new posts Re: Scotty Kilmer: Don't use MMO! by dave5358 @ 07/25/14 08:27 PM

Originally Posted By: TravOriginally Posted By: dave5358Per the administrator over at the sulfer content is 1.6ppm. Gasoline in California is 30ppm sulfur; in the rest of the country it may be as high as 300ppm. If the numbers ar
Jump to new posts Re: Dodge Hellcat HP numbers released by lugNutz @ 07/25/14 08:26 PM

The first chance to buy ONE is right around the corner..... Clicky link!!! I will see you there! Lol
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Valvoline 0w-20, thoughts by Cuda70383 @ 07/25/14 08:21 PM

ran 5w-20 in valvoline. 10kmi before dropping it. no signs of varnish or sludge [naked untrained eye]. +1 for synpower
Mechanical /Maintenance Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Magnetic oil drain plugs by Robenstein @ 07/25/14 08:07 PM

Use one of these or if you cut open your filters, a filter magnet.
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: New 0W-20 and 5W-20 full syn MaxLife by Garak @ 07/25/14 07:52 PM

Originally Posted By: wemayI keep reading 10w30 is obsolete yet down here, it flies off the shelf as quickly as everything else does. Same price and side-by-side with the other, more 'current' vis. I know you guys mean 'obsolete' as far as specs but
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Suggested Oil/Filter Combination? by boundarylayer @ 07/25/14 07:42 PM

Originally Posted By: SteveSRT8Originally Posted By: bigt61.... This paranoia over Purolator is way overblown IMO. It likely is, due to the tremendous numbers of them in service on cars all over this country and others. But oil filters are ubiquit
Used Oil Analysis - Motorcycle
Jump to new posts Re: Redline 10w30/ 20w50 2006 VFR800 by Mackelroy @ 07/25/14 07:41 PM

Im closing in on 2500 mile mark with Valvoline mc oil, Im only running another uoa to see if my lead count is the same general area, Im expecting it to be. I ran a 200 mile flush with Supertech 15w40, before installing the Valvoline.
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: PAG oil: Available yet? Next Big Thing by boundarylayer @ 07/25/14 07:38 PM

Forget the testing of PAG oils, what BITOG member wouldn't want to own one of the oil friction testing machines on pages 7-10 of: Can you imagine what kind of stuff you could try out on thos
Jump to new posts Re: Boeing 737 spawning problems by andrewg @ 07/25/14 07:35 PM

Jump to new posts Re: Drove a 14 Mitsubishi Mirage by Jarlaxle @ 07/25/14 07:22 PM

I just do not see 200K from a CVT.
Interesting bit of trivia... some components of skunk odor are used in the perfume industry.
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Overwhelmed by dailydriver @ 07/25/14 07:08 PM

IF you did not need/demand an 'on the shelf at Sino Mart' oil, and were willing to bother with the shipping and added expense of a 'boutique' oil, I would suggest the Red Line 0W-40, or Motul's 300V 0W-40, but most on here would call that "unnec
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