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Heavy Duty Engine Oil (HDEO) - Diesel/Gas Pickups/Trucks/Vans
Jump to new posts Re: Dodge 1500 new diesel by artificialist @ 04/14/14 09:35 PM

Originally Posted By: SilverC6The low SAPS BMW 5W-30 intended for their new 320d would be a good choice. A trip to the BMW dealer would be in order. But it would be top notch oil. VW 507 oil might also be a good match. Either way, you would be g
Heavy Duty Engine Oil (HDEO) - Diesel/Gas Pickups/Trucks/Vans
Jump to new posts Re: Motorcraft 10w-30 HDEO by artificialist @ 04/14/14 09:30 PM

It probably would be similar to other HDEO oils made by ConocoPhillips that are rated CJ-4/SM. I wouldn't worry about putting CJ-4 HDEO in a gasoline engine. Just look at how well it works in turbocharged gasoline engines, especially Subaru engines.
Oil Filters
Jump to new posts Re: Oil Filter Score by kenv @ 04/14/14 09:22 PM

Originally Posted By: jhellwigOriginally Posted By: 901MemphisI have locks on all my fluid caps so they can't be disturbed! Like a locking gas cap. What about the drain plug or the filter? What if someone went to do a good deed and drained your oi
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: Cleaning epoxy garage floor by tom slick @ 04/14/14 09:20 PM

I've worked in two shops with epoxy floors. We mopped them with laundry detergent, usually Tide. The secret is to get the floor really wet, scrub the really bad spots, then mop the water and dirt off. Finish with clean water mopping.
Cooling System Fluids & Additives
Jump to new posts Re: stop leak for heater cores? by Russell @ 04/14/14 09:20 PM

Originally Posted By: TravQuote:OK if you say so. I'm not trying to be snarky but the heater control valve on this car has little passages, I understand what they might say but I wouldn't do it. Not on this car at least. The passages may be small but
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Pennzoil Ultra platinum 0w40 SN at autozone by tommygunn @ 04/14/14 09:17 PM

Weak! No ACEA A3/B4, no VW/BMW/Mercedes/Porsche approval either
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: changed oil in the pt cruiser by artificialist @ 04/14/14 09:15 PM

Good luck. I have a friend with one. I replaced the PCV, tried Castrol 5w40, and Castrol 10w40 to try to solve the consumption of 5w30 oil. I don't know why this engine and their 3.8L V6 often consume oil.
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Mag 1 Motor Oil by artificialist @ 04/14/14 08:56 PM

The UOA sections show that Mag1 5w40 is an excellent oil. You should search the UOA sections and see for yourself.
Automotive General Topics
Jump to new posts Re: Fiat 500 Abarth by kenv @ 04/14/14 08:54 PM

Originally Posted By: SubduedI just can't get into the styling of these things at all. From the back and front they literally look like Grimace rolling down the road - they just need to be purple. I was thinking the same thing. They remind me too
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Shell Ecobox Packaging by artificialist @ 04/14/14 08:48 PM

About 5 years ago, I worked at a shop that used Pennzoil's equivalent. The packages always leaked, and getting the last bit of oil from the container was a chore. They went to bottles soon afterward, and never went back.
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: German Castrol new ow-40?? by artificialist @ 04/14/14 08:46 PM

What really impressed me is that my local Wal Mart charges ~$26 for this oil in a 5qt container. I thought they would charge more. That also makes it the same price as M1 0w40. Now that WM charges this price for Castrol 0w40, waiting for Advance Au
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Delo 400 XLE 10w30 opinions by wemay @ 04/14/14 08:45 PM

Originally Posted By: bigt61Why a diesel HDEO? Seems like the NAPA Synthetic you're already using should be fine - even for a Turbo. Part of it is OCD... Heck, at these oci, the QSGB is enough. The HDEO is out of my system now because it has no s
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Originally Posted By: danthaman1980I'm not a ford guy either, not since my '87 F150 caught fire while my stepdad was driving it down the road. However, Motorcraft products are top quality. If I owned a ford, I'd use them without hesitation. The ca
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Valve cover removed- engine 2.4l (155 000kms) by MobilinHyundia @ 04/14/14 08:02 PM

Im really happy with these Hyundai 2.4l engine. Both my Sonata engine look the same with the valve covers removed. l LOVE TO CHANGE THE OIL.......but since Im using Amsoil now I cant do it that often anymore.. So from now on I will consentrate more
Photo Section
Jump to new posts Re: Cleaned the furnace blower by RTexasF @ 04/14/14 07:45 PM

Originally Posted By: HTSS_TRMy 44 years old furnace blower never had any cleaning since I bought the house 17 years ago, I think it didn't have any cleaning for at least 10-15 years before I bought the house. All I ever did was change the filter on
Oil Filters
Jump to new posts Re: Synthetic Media Oil Filters by Oregoonian @ 04/14/14 07:36 PM

Originally Posted By: JD4440Originally Posted By: JavierGMerkava just needs a little push. He wants to try a Ultra but the Fram part is putting him off. me too neither. I always placed fram in the "only on something I'm about to sell&
Detail and Wax
Jump to new posts Re: Spring Detail by RTexasF @ 04/14/14 07:25 PM

It looks quite nice, well done.
Tool Time
Jump to new posts Re: Pro-Logix battery charger is awesome. by Errtt @ 04/14/14 07:04 PM

Just read all the Amazon reviews (about 10 of them). Sounds good to me.
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: GF-4/5 as a stand alone oil spec by Solarent @ 04/14/14 07:03 PM

Originally Posted By: ShannowIs there any oil out there that is only rated GF4/GF5 ? i.e. no other API/ACEA ratings, just using GF4/5 as their only performance criteria ? I can get ACEA C3 only on a bottle, B4 only on a bottle, just never seen a GF
Jump to new posts Re: Popup problems since downloading VLC player by BearZDefect @ 04/14/14 06:45 PM

Originally Posted By: uc50ic4more<snip> It is just so frustrating seeing people who never asked for this kind of garbage having to deal with it. Non-technical people should not be having to spend their time with this horse-pucky. The sad part
General and Off Topic
Originally Posted By: dave180I really wonder if Sear's tech support or lack thereof is just an attempt to have you abandon the remote issue entirely and just buy a brand new opener w/remotes from them. In the future, if it comes to it, go to HD or
Used Oil Analysis - Motorcycle
Jump to new posts Re: Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10W40, Suzuki V-Strom DL-650 by Reg# 43897 @ 04/14/14 06:26 PM

Yeah, that bleedin' room-elephant again... John.
Lawn Mower and Small Engine
Jump to new posts Re: oil for 2002 Yamaha gas golf cart by 901Memphis @ 04/14/14 06:23 PM

5w30 can replace 10w30 in almost all applications, especially if we are talking synthetic.
Oil Filters
wow that is a lot of sediment. I've been using the XG3600 as an oversized option on my focus, tundra, and landcruiser with no problems so far with fitment or sealing.
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Change frequency? by Oregoonian @ 04/14/14 06:15 PM

Originally Posted By: fruleThanks guys! I'll do it yearly........with API SN oil. Agree with using a dino and yearly OCI's. Mobil Super 5000 or PYB would be good choices. Filter wise....the Fram ULTRA is a excellent filter and priced well at WM or
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