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05/04/16 09:21 AM
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General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: What are you listening to right now? by dailydriver @ 05/01/16 06:48 PM

Steve Miller, "Baby's House" I LOVE that piano solo/run by Nicky Hopkins in this song!
Lawn Mower and Small Engine
Jump to new posts Re: Gas Push Mower Advise by jeepman3071 @ 05/01/16 06:45 PM

Originally Posted By: bubbatimeOriginally Posted By: CujetToday, it's OK to simply use displacement as an indication of lawnmower power. 140cc is fairly weak. 190cc's is robust. Remember the 195CC flat head Tecumseh? A weakling of a engine. Always
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: ST 5w30 ok for 11' Impala 3.5 engine by fdcg27 @ 05/01/16 06:38 PM

Of course the ST would be fine for this undemanding application. 6500 mile OCIs should be a piece of cake for any API SM/SN oil in most engines in most uses. Many of us, including me, would look to a better quality oil and filter solution, but one ha
Engine Oil Filters
Jump to new posts Re: Fram XG10060 cut open by demarpaint @ 05/01/16 06:34 PM

Originally Posted By: gabriel9766Originally Posted By: bubbatimeThats a dirty engine. This is its first O/C since i changed out the FF at 4.2k. This DI engine must b hard on oil. Wow. Although color means nothing, I wonder what the inside of that
Lawn Mower and Small Engine
Jump to new posts Re: Leaky fuel tank on B&S Quantum enigne by jeepman3071 @ 05/01/16 06:33 PM

Used tank time. I see this often on quantum powered mowers. Like bubbatime said, throw an ad on Craigslist saying you are looking for a used briggs quantum fuel tank. A local small engine guy will probably sell you one for $5 or cheaper than you c
Fuels and Fuel Additives: Gasoline and Diesel
Jump to new posts Re: 85 instead of 87 octane at high altitude? by MisterBen @ 05/01/16 06:27 PM

Just a point of reference, sample of 1... We used to be in WA, and moved to the front range in CO a few years back. We live at about 6,200 ft. I never really gave it much thought, but the Toyota manual says to use 87 or higher all the time. We we
Lawn Mower and Small Engine
Jump to new posts Re: oregon gator blades by jeepman3071 @ 05/01/16 06:25 PM

Love gator blades. They seem to work best on multi-blade decks. I have them on my own rider and they spread the clippings out nice with no clumping. Make sure to get the genuine Oregon Gator blades though, there are some companies out there sellin
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Is running "Engine flush" before a change legit? by artificialist @ 05/01/16 06:20 PM

I have used it without causing a problem, however, I am not sure how well it removes sludge and varnish. On abused cars, it removes so much sludge so quickly that the oil pump screen gets covered with engine sludge and quickly ruins the engine. I sa
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Forever oil/filter combo by artificialist @ 05/01/16 06:17 PM

Royal Purple oil filter As for the engine oil, I am not sure. Maybe Delvac1?
Engine Air Filters
Jump to new posts Re: What paper engine air filter do YOU recommend? by metroplex @ 05/01/16 06:04 PM

I like to use Fram but for the 2014 Taurus SHO, I'm not sold on the huge metal mesh they use on their air filters. I'm thinking it would be a restriction, however minor it is. For my performance cars, I run cold air intakes with the conical K&N
Boat/PWC Lubrication
Jump to new posts Re: Back w another question...motors by Tuffy1760 @ 05/01/16 05:47 PM

I have ridden in a bunch of SHO's the last few years, not worth the hype... a lot of power heads getting rebuilt quietly with nobody talking about it... I would only buy a 4 stroke if its the only option... dealer will push SHO to get you to spen
Cooling System Fluids & Additives
Jump to new posts Re: "Low Coolant" light doesn't vanish. by Trav @ 05/01/16 05:44 PM

Originally Posted By: Nick1994My brother had a 1999 Buick Century that my grandfather owned before him. It had the low coolant light on for years. Never did figure it out, but didn't care because the level was fine. On these cars if the radiator e
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: Naturita - Telleride in Early June by 440Magnum @ 05/01/16 05:44 PM

Originally Posted By: marc1Super thanks for all the tips. I will check out Ouray. Around my neck of the woods mountain roads can still be snow covered (and salt!) in June (not this year mind you) so I wanted to check. I am ok with the late Spring sur
Mechanical /Maintenance Forum
Originally Posted By: klt1986Originally Posted By: Bill_GOriginally Posted By: JamesBondEmpty gallon water jug, measuring cup, sharpie, water, is how I do it. This works great - the way I've been doing it for 140k miles on the civic - minus the wat
Lawn Mower and Small Engine
Jump to new posts Re: Home brewed some 2 Stroke today by Kamele0N @ 05/01/16 05:26 PM

Originally Posted By: PanzermanYou can buy strawberry scented two stroke oil on EBay. Ipone samurai Racing ( its ester based)
ATF, Differential, Trans, Brakes, P/S
Also try the Redline, or the Amsoil, dedicated Manual Transmission fluids which have the same viscosity.
Product Rebates, Sales and Promotions
Jump to new posts Re: Pennzoil Ultra platinum at Walmart by Justin251 @ 05/01/16 04:50 PM

Ours here will get platinum high mileage but never ultra platinum.
Product Rebates, Sales and Promotions
No problems here from mobil 1 or pennzoil using both walmart and for both.
Lawn Mower and Small Engine
Jump to new posts Re: Marvel Mystery oil by Justin251 @ 05/01/16 04:42 PM

I am few ounces in the tanks of my opes from time to time. I like to think I'm doing good. No problems.
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Long hauls = go full synthetic? by BrocLuno @ 05/01/16 04:27 PM

Sounds like a plan
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Traveler synthetic oil a slow seller? by BrocLuno @ 05/01/16 04:20 PM

Yeah, but these are all USA synthetics which means they are really fancy blends most likely... If that was the price for a Euro spec synthetic, yeah haw - we'd be all over it and shooting as we ran away I'm not diss'ing the oil. I'm sure it's fi
Jump to new posts Re: Traded in Dart, gained Veloster. by YotaTaco @ 05/01/16 04:15 PM

The veloster sounds like a fun car if you can live with the looks. That thing gives new meaning to the term fugly, on par with the Nissan Juke, makes me think clown car. Now the CRX was a good looking car, and [censored] if optioned with the ZC
Jump to new posts Re: Post your latest beer consumption by OVERKILL @ 05/01/16 03:55 PM

Yeah, it isn't bad, but definitely not as good my German brews I usually prefer.
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Honda D series and 0w20 by JC1 @ 05/01/16 03:25 PM

5W-30. I have a 97 civic. I use synthetic during the winter months.
Used Oil Analysis - Motorcycle
Jump to new posts Re: '13 Honda VFR1200 Motul 10w-50, 5,300 miles. by LoneRanger @ 05/01/16 03:21 PM

I think itlooks like a fine touring platform. And that is a great price !!
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