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Read it all, still confused.
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Fram Ultra = Piece of [censored]? Another BMW thread
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Yesterday at 04:49 PM
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Jump to new posts Re: Are there members that Fly RC Aircraft? by grampi @ 11/24/15 07:23 AM

I've flown R/Cs since the mid 70s...I've flown glo fuelers, giant scale gassers, ducted fan, scale, pattern, you name it, I've flown it. The reason I walked away from it is because it's gotten to the point where you can't fly unless you belong to a f
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: Fuel filter @300k miles by supton @ 11/24/15 07:06 AM

Originally Posted By: DuckedOriginally Posted By: mjoekingz28Air fuel and oil Doesn't all three need to be clean and flow near or at its peak? Evidently not, since they often aren't, and they often don't. Only when peak power is needed. Those
Mechanical /Maintenance Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Who Makes NAPA Brake Pads>? by Silverado12 @ 11/24/15 07:02 AM

I just bought NAPA premium pads and they were made in India. The cheap ones are Chinese. They work well, but next time will look for American made.
Fuels and Fuel Additives: Gasoline and Diesel
Originally Posted By: BobFoutOriginally Posted By: KrisZWell, I use it mixed 50/50 with MMO during winter months. Without it the tip of the exhaust pipe gets a bit sooty, but when I use it in gas, there is zero soot. Have you tried Lucas UCL or MMO
Automotive General Topics
Jump to new posts Re: Gasoline prices. by grampi @ 11/24/15 07:01 AM

I'm glad I no longer have any vehicles that require mid or premium grade fuels...
Tires & Wheels
Jump to new posts Re: Toe by CapriRacer @ 11/24/15 06:54 AM

And to fill in the picture a bit more: Ackerman is the amount the toe changes as you turn the steering wheel. If you have Zero Ackerman, the wheels stay parallel (more or less), but that is extremely rare and a TERRIBLE way to design a steering sys
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: U of Missouri 'demands' by Tdbo @ 11/24/15 06:46 AM

Originally Posted By: CourierDriver They, the protesters, will most likely not be there next semester,wait and see, they will flunk out. Naw, they have probably all been there for at least seven years. Double Secret probation all around per Dean W
Product Rebates, Sales and Promotions
Jump to new posts Re: Auto Zone clearance has started... by eljefino @ 11/24/15 04:56 AM

Originally Posted By: bionictonywent to an autozone yesterday in socal. saw mobil AFE 0W30 5qt jug for $15. last year i got 13 jugs at $10 each around december. The magic time seems to be after thanksgiving when people are more concerned with (sni
Engine Oil Filters
Jump to new posts Re: Stp "enginered for 10000 miles" oil filters by gallydif @ 11/24/15 04:08 AM

Originally Posted By: ZeeOSix^^^ Tire link? +1
Mechanical /Maintenance Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Solid State Relay Specs. by George7941 @ 11/24/15 03:45 AM

What is between the ECM and heater is a heavy duty relay, shaped like a starter solenoid and about that size, that switches the 90A current. This heavy duty relay coil takes 2A to operate. The Delco relay is actually 2 relays in one, with a SSR driv
ATF, Differential, Trans, Brakes, P/S
I wonder if you can pick up some via a shell distributor and still qualify for the rebate. My car uses Shell ATF 134 and I managed to get a case of 12 quarts for $57.90 from the local shell distributor, it was about double on Amazon. I believe on She
Detail and Wax
Jump to new posts Re: Haze removal after polishing? by The Critic @ 11/24/15 03:08 AM

Originally Posted By: RussellOriginally Posted By: The CriticYou need a finer polish to remove the micro-marring. Do you have anything finer than 205? 205 can be tricky to finish down with. If you have HD Polish+ or Menzerna SF4000, either of those
Detail and Wax
Jump to new posts Re: Best car wash soaps that wont strip wax? by The Critic @ 11/24/15 03:01 AM

Optimum No Rinse or Meguiar's D114 would be my products of my choice. If you have to do a traditional wash, Meguiars D110.
Detail and Wax
Jump to new posts Re: Removing light overspray from vehicle by ryanschillinger @ 11/24/15 12:43 AM

Well I'm not here to argue with you, but I inspect cars for a living. I understand the difference between standard body shop repair and what we're talking about here. These guys do a fine job. Not perfect, but very good for what it is. I've inspecte
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Valvoline Vr1 synthetic (street legal) by BrocLuno @ 11/23/15 09:27 PM

Yeah, I'd be a once a year OCI ... I hear you on the lifter tick. Some oils are better at cold start after long sit than others. All syn's (to me) are worse because of the lower surface tension. They retain less oil in the capillary spaces. But
Product Rebates, Sales and Promotions
Originally Posted By: Johnny2BadThe Battery Tender models will maintain a battery in good condition over long-term storage, and do a good job of it. I don't know about the Schumacher variants, but the CTek (Sweden) Charger I use does everything the
Firearms: Lubes, Cleaners, & Maintenance
Jump to new posts Re: Several 9'mm add a .40? by NateDN10 @ 11/23/15 09:09 PM

I have no dog in this fight but more energy doesn't have to mean more penetration. If the hollow point properly expands more energy will likely equate to a wider, not deeper, wound cavity.
Used Oil Analysis - Gasoline
Originally Posted By: PontualSodium getting bigger and bigger with NG. Maybe it helps better on the re-refined oils. At least at Valvoline. I believe that Caterpillar and some UOA lab says the max sodium allowable is 200ppm (maybe for head gasket iss
Jump to new posts Re: Map Printing Q by sleddriver @ 11/23/15 08:18 PM

Update: Called Brother support. He said the PCL4 driver wasn't avail. because I was running XP. So I fetched the Alien LT (running WVista sp2). According to Brothers site, Vista already has the correct driver "for basic operation". Selec
Jump to new posts Re: Toyota Echo, amuse me by dino33 @ 11/23/15 08:05 PM

I like this guys attitude... [video:youtube][/video]
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: 08 Civic si valvetrain pics - 75k miles by dgunay @ 11/23/15 08:04 PM

Originally Posted By: friendly_jacekOriginally Posted By: XenoOriginally Posted By: hattaresguyAdjusting valves on a modern vehicle? Seems like a waste of time to me. I agree, but that's the way Honda designed these engines. wait, honda
Photo Section
Jump to new posts Re: Amazing what a good washing will do by Nick1994 @ 11/23/15 07:44 PM

Originally Posted By: AZjeffWe had the Dodge Stratus version of that Breeze BITD. Worst seats of any car I've ever owned. The car wasn't that bad otherwise. Did the seats look like this? These ones are very cushy.
Jump to new posts Re: Hyundai - Accent - A VVS Review by shiny @ 11/23/15 07:34 PM

Originally Posted By: Rolla07Originally Posted By: friendly_jacekOriginally Posted By: RandNew accent is pretty impressive for an "Econobox" unfortunately the price is no longer 10500$ like it was in 2010 for a basic auto model. agree,
Automotive General Topics
Jump to new posts Re: Buying a rental? Any Good? by Cujet @ 11/23/15 06:59 PM

Originally Posted By: mike7139Hertz is selling a 2014 Sonic LT for 9k with 53k miles. They also have a few 2013 Ford Focus SE with 50k miles for 10k and a few 2014 Cruze LT's with just over 50k miles and selling for 11k. Are these good prices or am I
Used Oil Analysis - Motorcycle
Jump to new posts Re: '13 KTM DUKE 690 AMSOIL MOTO SAE 60 by Mackelroy @ 11/23/15 06:53 PM

You went to the extreme of running a straight 60 weight, I don't see the trade off , numbers are still high imo. That motor doesn't seem to be well suited for more than 2000 mile oci's. Just like my Ktm runs sub 1000 mile oci's.
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