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Friction Reducers and AW Additives

Oil Soluble Friction Reducers (FM’s) and Anti-Wear Additives (AW’s) (with an emphasis on Friction Modifiers) by MoleKule* Oil soluble friction modifiers – once called friction reducers – have been used many years by the lubricant industry. Many products made use of friction reducers: – Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF’s or those designed for smooth clutch engagement) […]

Used Oil Analysis: How to decide what is normal

Reviewing UOA Data Used oil analyses (UOAs) are tools.  And like most tools, they can either be properly used or misused, depending upon the application, the user, the surrounding conditions, etc.= There are already many good articles and publications in existence that tell us how to interpret the information we see in a UOA report; […]

Valvoline Q&A

Valvoline question and answers. Find below a comprehensive Q&A about all things Valvoline   Valvoline formulates both MaxLife and NextGen MaxLife to meet the demands of higher mileage engines. Both products have the same level of chemistries, including seal conditioners, detergents and dispersants, antiwear additives and so on, thus offering the same performance.   Valvoline […]

Air Filter Future Testing

Like everything in life, this filter test wasn’t done right the first time. Nothing ever is. So, yes there will be more testing in the future. This testing will probably wait 18 months or so until I finish graduate school, move on to my new job and purchase a very mundane family oriented vehicle like […]

Putting the Simple Back into Viscosity

by John Sander, VP Technology, Lubrication Engineers Inc. Abstract: Simply stated, viscosity is defined as the internal resistance of a fluid to flow. That doesn’t sound too difficult, does it? Unfortunately, new temperature, speed and pressure demands on lubricating fluids have changed over the years, resulting in several different measurements and classifications being created to […]

Used Oil Analysis

How your Blackstone sample is processed by David Newton Used Oil Analysis – we all talk about it, and many can understand the results, but few people have had the opportunity to actually see how the process works. One of the more popular analysis labs is Blackstone Laboratories of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  If you want […]

Esters In Synthetic Lubricants

By T. G. Schaefer (Tom NJ) In the simplest terms, esters can be defined as the reaction products of acids and alcohols. Thousands of different kinds of esters are commercially produced for a broad range of applications. Within the realm of synthetic lubrication, a relatively small but still substantial family of esters have been found […]

Engine Oil Analysis

What is an engine oil analysis? Engine oil analysis is a process that involves a sample of engine oil, whether virgin or used, and analyzing it for various properties and materials in order to monitor wear metals and contamination. By analyzing a sample of used engine oil, you can determine the wear rate, and overall […]

Motor Oil Final Exam

While starting up your car at 75°F, mid-winter in Florida, which of these synthetic oils provides the least startup resistance, minimal battery and starter motor load? A. 0W-20 B. 0W-30 C. 0W-40 D. 0W-50 E. They are all exactly the same While vacationing in Orlando, it is 104°F mid-summer in Florida. The rental car company […]

Dayco Q&A

Dayco labs question and answers. Find below a comprehensive Q&A about all things Dayco   Dayco’s lab tests have shown that Dayco belts are as durable and noise resistant as the competitor’s belt products. Since almost all belt suppliers use belt constructions utilizing EPDM rubber compounds, the flex life and overall durability of belts are […]